Cargill Henson

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  • Cargill Henson - On The Road: The Mega Years Plus (CD)


    Henson Cargill burst into the international spotlight with hiscontroversial crossover hit Skip a Rope in late 1967. By 1971 (afterfurther hits and a slew of great material) the wells at Monument Records had run dry and Henson moved to the Nashville independent Mega Records. It was here that Henson produced perhaps his finest material, the challenging, earthy concept LP ”On the Road”. Loosely themed around the Great Depression and tales of deprivation andvictory over adversity, ”On the Road” is an album of staggering breadthand humanity. ”1932” tells of the blight of poverty, ”Running from TheRain” one man’s flight from hardship to yearning, ”Afraid to Rock TheBoat” a searing rejection of conformity and ”Pencil Marks on the Wall” one of the most heartbreaking tales of war and loss your will ever hear.

    Collected here is all Henson’s Mega era material plus a number of rare 45only cuts, scholarly liner notes and period photos and ephemera. All tracks make their very first appearance on CD. Unfair.

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