Baby Washington And The Hearts

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  • Baby Washington And The Hearts - The J & S Years (CD)


    – An hour-plus of fine female doo wop ballads, R&B rockers and soul from the Bronx, with many songs written by fabled Harlem matriarch Zell Sanders.

    – The Hearts featured lead vocals by Baby Washington, Lezli Valentine, Betty Harris, Hartsy Maye and others, with some male back-ups from the Plants and wild sax, guitar and piano solos.

    – These songs were recorded for the J & S, Zell’s and Tuff labels. Baby Washington went on to have a very successful career at Sue Records. Check out Baby Washington – The Sue Singles” (CDKEND 136).

    – The Hearts span the divide between R&B & soul and therefore should appeal to fans of both genres.

    – Thus is the first legitimate release of this material on CD. Sleeve note is by the erudite Mick Patrick.

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