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  • Cole Jerry - Psychedelic Guitars (CD)


    * Psychedelic Guitars” is the third release from Ace Records featuring Jerry Cole’s Crown and Custom label’s recordings from the 1960s.

    * Crown jumped all over the latest fads and wasted no time whatsoever in proffering their $1.98 LPs at grocery stores and other retail outlets. And they often recycled recordings with updated packaging that often didn’t have anything to do with what was actually on the record itself. But unlike so many other drugstore records, Jerry Cole’s LPs contained some really good tracks, mostly penned by Jerry and featured many of LA’s super-session players such as Leon Russell, Don Randi, Steve Douglas and Billy Preston.

    * Jerry Cole was a space-age, soul-surfin’, hot-roddin’, go-goin’, blues-pickin’ psychedelic ranger if there ever was one and he gave it everything he had. Many people have not even been aware of these hard-to-find LPs existence and still others probably dismissed them out of hand due to the exploitation aspect and the lack of details on the covers. And while this is quite understandable, this compilation and the other two Jerry Cole comps in this series give the listener an opportunity to discover, re-evaluate and enjoy his unique and fun recordings for Crown and Custom Records.”

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  • Cole Jerry - Guitars A Go-Go : The 1960s Crown Recordings Vol 2 (CD)


     In the 1960s, the late Jerry Cole was one of America’s most prolific guitarists, turning his hand to surf music, rock, country, jazz and blues and playing on sessions for Brian Wilson, Phil Spector and countless others. He would replace less proficient group members at recordings, often anonymously.

     Cole made several low-budget-but very technically proficient albums for the Modern label’s Crown imprint. This is our second helping from these sources – following the 2006 release of Hot Rod Twangin'”.

     The golden age of guitar-driven rock’n’roll instrumentals lasted from 1957 to around 1967. In order to satisfy the public’s newly-found fascination with the electric guitar, countless guitar-oriented records were released during the era and the now often-overlooked genre exploded with a blast of sounds and rhythms never heard before that time.

     Without uttering a word, these magnificent and sometimes quirky guitar instros captured and conveyed the excitement and mystery of the space age, surfing, spying, hot rods, gang fights, beatniks, love, drinking, the wild west, exotic locations, food, superheroes, moods, dance crazes, weather, local colour and tripping on acid. And it was usually accomplished in under three minutes.

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  • Cole Jerry - Hot Rod Twangin’ (CD)


    – Two dozen slabs of torrid twang by one of the greatest and busiest studio musicians of the 1960 and beyond.

    – Think of any record at all that was made in Los Angeles in the 1960s and there’s a fair to definite chance that Jerry Cole played on it (the Pet Sounds” album being just one of a list of landmark recordings in which Cole participated). When he wasn’t in the studio cutting other people’s records, or touring as part of the hit instrumental group the Champs, he was busy knocking out groovy instrumental albums, under a plethora of aliases, for Modern’s budget Crown label (among others).

    – ”Hot Rod Twangin'” offers a sampling from almost a dozen albums that Cole cut pseudonymously for Crown, and shows that there was no style of music that the man could not comfortably embrace – from the Ventures to Booker T & the MGs, he and his session cronies could do the lot.

    – Compiled by Texan axeman and general guitar fanatic ’Burnin’ Mike Vernon and released with the approval and participation of Jerry himself, this is a package that no lover of instrumental 60s rock’n’roll can afford to be without.

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