Blind Willie Johnson

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  • Blind Willie Johnson - Nobody’s Fault But Mine (CD)


    Blind Willie Johnson straddled that spooky border between blues and spirituals. Among musicians, he is considered one of the greatest slide or bottleneck guitarists, as well as one of the most revered figures of depression-era gospel music. Covered by everyone from Peter, Paul and Mary to Led Zepelin to Fairport Convention to Bob Dylan to Beck to The White Stripes, he is one of those almost secret figures who seemingly influence everything. Ry Coooder’s soundtrack to ”Paris, Texas” was conceived as a distillation of his work and spirit.Willie Johnson’s life in itself reads like an early blues, blinded at age seven by his own mother in a fight with his errant father, living as an itinerant preacher and singer, having to live in the burnt out ruin of his ramshackle house after a fire, on a wet mattress, which eventually helped kill him, pneumonia, malarial fever and syphilis being a powerful combo.A major figure in the ”eerie voiced” blues genre genre typified by Robert Johnson, Skip James and others, that sense-of-dread hellhound on my trail atmosphere which makes great movies…Here is a collection of Blind Willie Johnson’s finest,with his slashing 12 string and scary slide all over them…Blind Willie’s song Dark Was The Night, Cold Was the Ground was included on the Voyager Golden Record, sent into space with the Voyager spacecraft in 1977. Out there, there may be lifeforms hearing the unheimlich sound of Blind Willie Johnson. Are you ready for it?A rich, strange, and wonderful collection of Blind Willie Johnson’s best! Lovingly packaged with wonderful memorabilia and detailed notes by our man in the world of I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang, Mr. Vic Templar! Beautifully remastered in RevOlasonic sound by Joe Foster and Norman Blake at the secretly-located Studio 3!A must for ANYONE who likes the magical, eerie and scary sound of all the people mentioned above…”adapted” by Led Zep, launched into space, covered by The White Stripes…surely you have to check out Willie’s scary world of black cat bones and revelators and cold, cold graves!”

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