12 Step Rebels

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  • 12 Step Rebels - Go Go Graveyard Rockin` With (Käytetty CD)


    With their first full length release, 12 Step Rebels capture the desolate and rugged feel of the desert southwest within the twelve tracks of Go, Go Graveyard Rockin’ With… Also drawing upon influences such as classic Country, 1950’s Rockabilly, Punk Rock and blended with a horror motif, they create an identifiable sound. Using these influences, this album has diverse songs ranging from the dreary, melodic Ballad of Frankenstein’s Monster to the 50’s-style boogie Graveyard Rockin’ or the punk-influenced anthem Rebel Rock. Frontman Jakob Insane brings a distinct vocal persona and energetic passion along with a unique guitar sound. Complimenting Jakob’s undeniable energy, Nate Hancock delivers a dark, melodic edge on the Upright Bass and contributes lead vocals on two tracks as well. Filling out the band’s charismatic sound is Chad’s explosive and powerful drumming, harmonies and back-up !! EXCELLENT U.S. Psychobilly!

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