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  • Bar-M Boys - Historic Artist Series (CD)


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    Seperated by 7 decades, 4 wars, and numerous social changes, this musical genre was known as mountain music. Mountain music came in a variety of forms, but was born the stepchild of Irish folk music imported from Europe. Mountain Music often came in the form of fiddle or string bands. These Appalachian string bands were widespread and entertained the common folk in a pre-television society. This is the story of one of those string bands, The Bar-M Boys. Due to careful preservation, we are fortunate to bring this story to you. In the 1930’s, home tape recorders were not readily available. In fact, if you wanted to record voice or music, one usually enlisted the aid of people fortunate enough to own a 78rpm record etching machine. This process involved recording musicians live. A recording operator would carefully brush record shavings away from the needle as a mechanical scribe etched the performance onto a record blank. Most of these recordings were done in private homes and involved careful placement of several musicians around a single microphone. There were no overdubs or punch-ins, and mistakes were accepted as a part of the musical recording process. The Bar-M Boys were a hot, local string band from the Cascade area in north central Maryland. The band varied in composition from time to time, but at the helm was young Paul Moore, a 17 year old mountain boy and fiddle player. Paul learned to play fiddle at the age of 12 and formally trained for 2 years all the while keeping an ear to the local musicians and their talents. There were 3 ways to travel in Paul’s hometown, by foot, by horse, or by trolley car. Paul used all 3 to search the area for real hillbilly talent. Paul’s earliest musical influences were Grandpa Jones, Asher and Jimmie Sizemore, and Bradley Kincaid. Paul would often sit in the evenings and listen to radio stations from Chicago, IL and Wheeling, WV as they featured the popular hillbilly artists of the day.

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