Alexis Korner´s Blues Incorporated

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  • Alexis Korner´s Blues Incorporated - R&B From The Marquee plus Blues From The Roundhouse + bonus (CD)


    Alexis Korner is widely regarded as the founding father of British blues. He became well known in the ‘60s, as his early performances and teachings were a magnet for young blues enthusiasts. Korner put together amplified blues outfits that spawned the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things, Cream and Led Zeppelin, among others. He also became a familiar exponent of the idiom on the BBC.

    This essential CD includes two of Alexis Korner’s seminal albums, made when he labored (teamed with his longtime music collaborator Cyril Davies) in near-complete obscurity: the iconic 1962 LP R&B from the Marquee (which despite its title was actually taped at Decca Records’ London studio), plus the underrated and long unavailable, Blues from The Roundhouse (originally issued as a 10” in 1957).

    In addition to the two legendary LPs from Korner’s legacy, this remastered collector’s CD also contains 6 bonus tracks, which consist of hard-to-find sides from the same period, including “3/4 A.D.” – a collaborative recording with the celebrated British folk guitarist Davy Graham.

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