Bradshaw Jack

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  • Bradshaw Jack - Saturday Night Special – Honky Tonk Heroes (CD)



    Twenty-two songs from one of Fifties country music’s underground legends!

    The first complete CD reissue of Jack Bradshaw’s country and rockabilly recordings! All 22 hillbilly, country and rockabilly sides he recorded between 1954 and 1959.

    Contains all 16 tracks issued by Mar-Vel and Glenn Records in the ’50s, plus 6 songs not originally issued from Mar-Vel!

    Includes original versions of songs that became hits for Carl Smith (Don’t Tease Me) and Kitty Wells (Searching)!

    The 40-page booklet by Martin Hawkins contains the first ever complete overview of the career of this sadly neglected artist and includes many previously-unseen family photographs!Jack Bradshaw was among the small-time radio and bar-room singers who had a few records on a minor label – and just one shot at the big-time. Jack’s came in 1955 when he penned a song that Carl Smith took into the country charts and another that Kitty Wells turned into a big hit, giving him the chance to record for Decca in Nashville. It was a promising break, but it didn’t pan out. Jack started recording in Indiana when the country business was looking for the next Hank Williams and he continued through the years when everyone wanted the next Elvis Presley.

    But Jack Bradshaw remained his own man. He had a smooth, expressive vocal style, drawing in the listener with deceptively-simple rhythms and well-crafted lyrics. Songs like ’Don’t Tease Me’, ’Searching’ and ’Saturday Night Special’ have long appealed to hard core hillbilly music fans. ’Jo-Jo’ and ’Naughty Girls’ have been rockabilly collectibles for years. Even bluegrass fans will be glad they checked out Jack Bradshaw, too! This is one of Bear Family’s uncovered treasures!

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