Babe Miller

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  • Babe Miller - The 10 Tears Of… (LP)


    Babe Miller is a simple man. Son and Grandson of Pontiac auto workers, he grew up in Southeast Michigan, understanding the simple things. God, Family, work, and country music.

    Babe’s songs have spread around the world because they hit deep in the human heart. Love, loss, pain, fear, and victory. When his first record ”Foreclose my Heart” came out on OCRC, the ball really started rolling. Ever since, it’s been a string of one nighters and solid gold country hits.


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  • Babe Miller - Room 242 (CD)


    Babe Miller’s songs present new twists to American life with story lines that first appeared in blues, folk and country music in the South of the 1930s and 40s – tales that reached a zenith in the hard-rhythm country music of the 1960s.

    In 1960s Detroit, Miller’s home turf, the popularity of country music exploded, and no doubt this band would have worked seven nights a week, if they’d been around during that era of big cars, stars in the bars, and twangy guitars.

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  • Babe Miller - Heart Problems EP (7 single/EP)


    Whether you’re drinking, dancing, cheating or romancing, there’s plenty of authentic honky-tonk action to be had in a heart-breaking Babe Miller song. Detroit’s own rustbelt rebel & honky-tonk hero belongs to the world now as he delivers four solid country tunes, all originals, on this his very first extended play recording.With a deadly squint, a lonesome moan and a sturdy strum across his trusted Gibson guitar, Babe Miller and his able sidemen transport you back to the golden age of Country Music, when the Friday night lights shined bright and the barrooms rang loud with fast fiddle, pedal steel whine and the smoky twang of a Fender guitar. As the Motor City’s preeminent honky-tonk cat, Babe shuffles, swings and entertains with his patented Bobcat Style” of traditional juke joint roots rock. Too many girls and too little time? Well, you’ve got ”Heart Problems,” buddy. Luckily there’s no problem that can’t be adequately drowned with some ”Serious Drinking” and if Babe sings it, it surely must be the truth! Hit the romance restart button with ”Divorced Again” and shuffle your boots to the chugging rhythms of the ”Cheatin’ Train.” Heartbreak never sounded so appealing!Classic American country music lives within these danceable grooves, my friend. I’m proud to introduce you Sleazy Record’s bright new star and the ”Young King of Detroit Honky Tonk,” Mr. Babe Miller!”

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