A Sailor`s Grave

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  • A Sailor`s Grave - Set A Fire In Your Heart (CD)


    Ex Hyperjax jäsenten uusi bändi. Current line up:

    Matt Cooley – Bleeding lungs and 6 strings

    Bob Corner – Plucking the stand up

    Manning – Strumming the sweet chords

    Jay Concannon – Twatting the skins

    Ex members – Wally P. Parkinson – Drum banger and designated driver.

    A Sailor’s Grave were formed in late 2007 when Bob, Matt and Manning left the Hyperjax en masse. We asked Wally, who had had the good forsight to leave the Hyperjax even earlier than the rest of us, to smash the drums to bits for us. He agreed and ASG set about taking on the world.

    Amazingly, for a group of people with limited musical knowledge and literally no idea what they are doing at any given time, ASG found that some people with literally no taste in music took a liking to them. Things really got out of hand after the band’s second show at the Psychobilly Bash in Birmingham. Not only did that show lead Paul Fenech to describe the band as Fucking Shit” – a statement A Sailor’s Grave would heartily agree with – But also lead to some really cool support slots coming in thick and fast with our mates from the Grit, Coffin Nails and Queen at Wembley stadium in 1986

    Suddenly, disaster struck and the grim spectre of reality took Wally from us. He didn’t actually die, but realised that he needed to have money for food and hats and stuff so he did his job, who were less enthusiastic about him touring than he was. Fucking cunts!

    Anyway, we got fucking wasted and bluffed our way through, which is what we are best at.

    People seem to dig us probably because of our beautiful hair and silver tongues. Ladies queue to our left to make out with us and the dudes queue to our right to give us high fives.

    We haven’t released anything because we are fucking lazy – it took us 2 years to record an album! However, we are on some compilations. We think.

    So the kind of music ASG play is basically hard punk with a sleazy edge. Think Hot Water Music meets Social Distortion but if they never practiced. And were really drunk. And had forgotten how to play their instruments. But looked DAMN SEXY!!!

    As far as plans go for the future we plan on being alive for a bit. Um, and that’s as far as it goes. We’d like to get back out to Europe, especially Scandinavia. And we’d like to get another record out a bit quicker this time. The new tunes are a bit more leftfield and definitely there will be some haters on the scene. But thats cool with us, we always said its better to provoke hatred than provoke indifference.

    ASG over and out x”

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