Baker Mickey

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  • Baker Mickey - But Wild / Bossa Nova + 6 Bonus Tracks (CD)


    2 LPs on 1 CD. Limited edition 6-panel Digipak with comprehensive inside booklet.

    One of the best and most versatile American guitarists of the 1950s and 1960s, Mickey Baker played on hundreds of sessions and added instrumental spice to records by Ray Charles, The Coasters, and Ike & Tina Turner, among many others. He is widely respected among R&B devotees for his bluesy chords and attention-grabbing solos. Baker originally aspired to be a jazz musician, but turned to calypso, mambo, and then R&B, where work opportunities were more plentiful.

    This release presents two of Baker’s finest LPs under his own name, which were cut in 1962 during his solo heyday in France: the sensational but underrated But Wild, and the equally splendid Bossa Nova. Long unavailable, both albums have been remastered and packaged together in this special collector’s edition, which also includes 6 bonus tracks from the same period. ”Mickey Baker is often cited by connoisseurs as a signature force, along with the likes of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, in the development of rock & roll and an antecedent of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Pete Townshead and many others” – The New York Times

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  • Baker Mickey - Blam! The NYC R&B Sessions 1953-1961 (LP)


    The contribution of Mickey Baker to 1950s music puts him next to titans like Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. He is undoubtedly the king of ’50s R&B guitar as well as an inventor of the sound called rock and roll. The difference between these two and Baker is that his career has been unfairly undervalued, if not almost unknown. And his recorded output is five times more than Chuck and Bo combined. The most in-demand studio musician/session guitarist par excellence during the golden years of the R&B laid the foundation for rock and roll. This tireless, hard-working musician spent half his life in the studio and the other half on tour and left his mark on hundreds, thousands of recordings, among which are hits from artists like Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, or The Coasters. His incendiary riffs and solos were always aggressive, twisted, but elegant sounding. Baker possessed creativity ahead of his time with excellent taste, and completely transformed the concept and role of the electric guitar into rock and roll forever. But don’t panic. This is far from being an album for guitarists or academics. It is a selection of rare recordings that showcase him backing various singers and a few instrumentals easily moving through styles of R&B, blues, rock, gospel, and folk done for different labels between 1953 and 1961. Jerome Records are happy to present this diverse compilation with stunning sound quality and much of the material never before reissued. Enjoy the experience of discovering or remembering the immeasurable Mickey Baker, the king of and most recorded guitarist in 1950s rhythm and blues. Remastered from original 45s. Features recordings with Big John Greer And His Combo, Big Maybelle, McGhee Sextet, Marie Knight, Doc Bagby, Stick McGhee, Brother John Sellers, The Cyclones featuring Eddie Jones, Mickey And Kitty, Jesse Stone, Nappy Brown, and Mickey And Sylvia.

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  • Baker Mickey - The Return of the Wildest Guitar (CD)


    Mickey Baker was one of the most versatile and technically proficient players of the 1950s New York studio scene where he made his initial impact. He is best known though for his pop/R&B outings as one half of the duo, Mickey & Sylvia whose recordings can be found on the Jasmine collection ’Love Is Strange’ (JASMCD3093).

    Here Jasmine focuses on a selection of Mickey’s solo recordings along with a handful of his prominent session work all recorded between 1952 and 1959. These selections truly display the breadth of Baker’s talent as he plays several different styles with equal brilliance.

    When listening to this collection of his outstanding guitar playing there is no question of Mickey Baker’s importance in the development of rock and roll and in particular rock and roll guitar. Throughout this time he also continued to teach guitar and wrote the first of several tuition books which became best sellers and have remained in print for over 50 years.

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  • Baker Mickey - Wildest Guitar (180 gram) (LP)

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    Loistava uusintajulkaisu! Alunperin 1959 julkaistu albumi!

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  • Baker Mickey - In The 50`s – Hit, Git & Split (CD)


    Probably every cack-handed learner guitarist has at least had a go at the legendary Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar” and anyone who doesn’t know the classic, weird guitar-tastic Mickey And Sylvia hit ’Love Is Strange’ just hasn’t been paying attention!

    Perhaps the full breadth of Mickey ”Guitar” Baker’s history-making work just hasn’t been brought to your attention? Well, rejoice, because the definitive collection of Mickey’s early world-shaking sides is now before you! As influential a stylist as Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, as vital to the music as Ike Turner, as innovative in technique and technology as Les Paul, Mickey was the secret hero who defined the electric guitar as it now exists!

    His work as a genre-creating sideman and bandleader, his Mickey and Sylvia hits (Sylvia went on to helm Sugarhill Records and launch Hip-Hop and Rap as a commercial force by the way!)…..Mickey decamped to France in the mid 1960s, changing the sound of French pop…and even producing our very own Nick Garrie Hamilton!”

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  • Baker Mickey - Rock With A Sock (CD)


    Soolokamaa, ilman Sylviaa! Paitsi 5 viimeistä biisiä v. 1958.

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