Cash Tommy

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  • Cash Tommy - Sings Gospel (Käytetty CD)


    Harvinainen CDr. Tommy Cashin oma tekele. Bonuksena A Tribute to My Brother Johnny Cash CDr.

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  • Cash Tommy - Rise & Shine / Six White Horses / The American Way Of Life (CD)


    The name’s cash, Tommy Cash! The man in black’s lil’ brother!! First time on CD!!!

    Forever in the shadow of his elder brother johnny, Tommy Cash deserved more. As you’ll hear on this disc tommy possessed a great voice, an engaging performance and a good eye for a captivating song. Featured here are his two finest lps for their first ever appearance on CD.  Recorded in 1969 and 1970 (but both released in 1970) ’rise and shine’ and ’six white horses’ are pinnacles of the Nashville storyteller’s art. The scope is wide, tackling the rigors of a musicians life ”on the road” (’one song away’), the plight of the working man (’rise and shine’), domestic homicide (’the honest truth’) and drug addiction (’carried away’). Tommy’s largest hit, the moving 1969 tribute to the slain heroes JFK, mlk and rfk (’six white horses’) still retains it’s power and it’s passion.

    Deluxe collector’s edition remastered from the original master tapes featuring rare photos, exclusive liner notes and eight fine songs from the 1971 concept LP ”the American way of life”.

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