Big Three Trio Featuring Willie Dixon

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  • Big Three Trio Featuring Willie Dixon - Chicago Harmonisers – Their Greatest Recordings (CD)


    The Big Three Trio were a hugely popular night club act who sold considerable quantities of records especially to jukebox operators. Although ostensibly a blues group they had, thanks to their three-part harmony singing a direct link to the jump jive vocal groups of the 1930s.

    These recordings made between 1946 and 1952 predate Willie Dixon’s emergence as Chicago’s preeminent producer and writer of classic blues.

    Includes their only chart entry ’You Sure Look Good To Me’ which was released in 1952.

    Here then are The Big Three Trio and a collection of their influential recordings which can now be seen as an integral part of what would become known as Chicago Blues, a genre that would by the 1960s redefine rock music.

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