Adam & His Nuclear Rockets

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  • Adam & His Nuclear Rockets - Little Piece Of Souvenir (CD)


    Adam & his Nuclear Rockets are three guys from Croatia, thankfully with strong and clear ideas on what they wanted to make out of living. t’s here! It’s here! 3 years after the first album from these Croatians, El Toro Records exclusives’, they are they are back with a masterpiece of XXI century Rockabilly and they’re gonna knock your socks off with the rockin’ sound, and tear your shoes laces with the stompin’ beat!! Don’t you dare to miss the unique opportunity to hear one of the best Rockabilly hepcats from the shores of the Adriatic!!!! Ladies, save your tears in a glass for that special somenone in your heart. After you get throught this brand new album, everyone’s bound to SCREAM for more!!

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