Bone Rattlers

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  • Bone Rattlers - 13 To Life (CD)


    Loistava toka albumi! Kyllä ne Aussit vaan osaa… Author – Pete Williams: The Bone Rattlers have done it again with 13 superb original tracks, every one different from the rest in the Rockabilly / Psychobilly genre. How refreshing to see a band gutsy enough to fill the whole album with original material . A great album sleeve to go with it and if Danny is not one of the best song writers in the world in this genre, I’ll eat his drum kit, dice and all. If you don’t add this one to your collection, it will never be complete.

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  • Bone Rattlers - Step Inside (CD)


    TIUKKAA!! UUSI LOISTAVA BÄNDI AUSTRALIASTA! Formed in 2007 in Hobart, Australia, Bone Rattlers are a high energy three piece Rockabilly/Psychobilly outfit with a distinct dirty sound and a growing fan base from old school greasers to young punks. These guys will blow you away!

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