Cat Lee King and his Cocks

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  • Cat Lee King and his Cocks - Cock Tales (CD)


    Here comes the long awaited first LP by Cat Lee King and his Cocks, the sensational Jump Blues youngsters from Bonn, Germany!

    Under the fitting title “Cock Tales” the Quintet has put down fourteen smoking hot songs, most of them being brand new original material, all with gritty vintage sound and lots of background shoutin’ and yellin’ goin’ on, providing a studio recording as close to a live experience as possible.
    All songs were recorded live within two days in the tiny vintage “Rocket Lab” studio in Essen, Germany, on analogue tape machines and with vintage instruments, microphones and amps only.
    Kicking off the list with the dance floor smasher “Let me love you”, that has gained the Cocks some popularity even before the LP release, the direction towards Jumpin’ Jivin’ Rhythm’n’Blues is made quite clear. Next comes the original cock tale “Farewell mademoiselle”, layin’ down a Louis Prima style swing-shuffle groove that’s just as tight as it can get. Same thing goes for “I don’t need no money”, and the classic “Drinkin’ Wine”, that’s done in a very original, yet authentic Memphis R’n’B style interpretation which bursts with joy and driving force.
    One of the album’s great hits is “Ain’tcha”, with its heavy, jiving Bill Haley- influenced backbeat. On “I wanna love somebody” singer and pianist Cat Lee King pays righteous tribute to the late Nick Curran, and guitarist Tommy Croole shows off his blues skills with a solo pointing unmistakeably to the early B.B. King. Another straight forward Blues song is “Busy Girl”, with a pumping Off-beat groove, something very rarely heard from Authentic Blues bands of today. For Rockabilly lovers, there are “Sweet Sandy Lee” and Carl Perkins’ “You can do no wrong”, which will blow the roof off of any record hop with their wild and raw energy.
    “Bouncing Boobs Boogie” is a very dynamic, jumpin’ guitar instrumental written by guitarist Tommy Croole, who’s also featured as lead singer on a great interpretation of Herby Joe’s almost forgotton “Smokestack Lightnin’”. One of the big surprises on this LP is the uptempo swing tune “Far too far away”, with a fat grumpy guitar and harmonies and dynamics that even show some jazz influences, just like “You’re the greatest”. The trip ends right in the Louisiana Swamps with “Sweet Wine and pretty Women”, a gospel-related ballad soaked with the darkest of Voodoo vibes.

    “Cock Tales” is an album of extraordinary style variety, yet it has an unmistakeable sound that holds everything together, and a very high and consistant quality

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