Batmobile / Peter Pan Speedrock

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  • Batmobile / Peter Pan Speedrock - Cross Contamination Split (Käytetty CD)


    Tällä levyllä Batmobile soitaa Peter Pan Speedrockin biisejä P.V.S taas sitten Batmobilen biisejä!!

    Get ready for the Dutch Psychobilly / Rock’n’Roll-Connection! Rotterdam’s one and only B-music band BATMOBILE and PETER PAN SPEEDROCK from Eindhoven Rock City are gonna release a ten-track split-album, covering each other!

    BATMOBILE started in 1983, first as an Elvis Presley-Coverband, but through the years the band developed their very own kind of music: ’B-music’, Like in a B-film, B-music stands for B-musicians, bad (read: funny) jokes, horror, naked women and having the time of your life. So there’s not a big difference with decent psychobilly. In 2008 BATMOBILE is together for 25 years, still in the original line up. To celebrate this they’re gonna release a split album with the Dutch Rock and Roll bastards PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, who formed in 1996. The trio from Eindhoven has now released their sixth album, between numerous other releases. For Cross Contamination”, they recorded five BATMOBILE-covers. BATMOBILE, in return, contributed five of their very own versions of PETER PAN SPEEDROCK songs, which you can altogether enjoy on the upcoming Split-album. Watch out to get contaminated in December 2008!”

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