Charley Horse

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  • Charley Horse - Unholy Roller (CD)


    ”1996… As Los Angeles’ new sons of grease, CHARLEY HORSE features the ozone grinding vocal stylings of Sean ”Zezo” Wheeler. A Las Vegas Strip performerin his youth, alos known for his clan’s chain of Elvis car washes, ”Z” resides on the West Coast after a string of controversal funeral perfrmances. He is joined by preacher’s son Chopper Von Franklin native son of the mid-west’s notorious Murder belt, and Mickey ”Bones” Petralia, accused broadcaster of the Silverlake white noise experiments.

    Now… years later… Sean Wheeler, lead singer of the infamous THROWRAG and Chopper Von Franklin, current bass player for THE CRAMPS re-assemble with a team of miscreants to complete what was started. They are joined by the firebreathing Corey Parks (ex-NASHVILLE PUSSY, currently DUANE PETER`S HUNNS), guitarist Pitstop Tragedy and drummer Robert Shaw (BLOODJUNKIES; DAMNATION).

    Produced by Mickey ”Bones” Petralia (Beck, Beastie Boys, Peaches, Zach De La Rocha) the Enhanced CD contains music video for Bad Ass Dad and 10 scorching tracks!”

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