Cash Johnny & Carl Perkins

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  • Cash Johnny & Carl Perkins - I Walk The Line/Little Fauss And Big Halsy (Käytetty CD)


    2 soundtrack levyä samalla cd:llä.

    Johnny Cash’s two soundtrack albums have become collectors’ items over the years. In 1970, he and Carl Perkins wrote the themesong and incidental music for the cult Robert Redford biker movie ’Little Fauss And Big Halsy,’ and Johnny wrote the music for a John Frankenheimer movie originally titled ’September Country,’ then re-titled ’I Walk The Line.’ Rather than recycle old recordings, Johnny and Carl made all new recordings for these two soundtracks,  even if a few of the songs were of older vintage. Although the songs work best in the context of the movies, both albums work excellently as standalone music. The songs for ’I Walk The Line’ in particular, capture the torment of a small town sheriff (Gregory Peck) tortured by his love for a young girl (Tuesday Weld). The Bear Family reissue CD comprising both these long-deleted albums.

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