Alley Dukes

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  • Alley Dukes - …Go Back To College! (Käytetty CD)


    AIKOJA SITTEN LOPPUUNMYYTY CD! Album from the Kings of Pornobilly…Montreal’s ALLEY DUKES! 15 all-new songs, featuring ’Dirt White Girl’, ’Jailbait’, ’Milkshake Queen’ & ’If This Ain’t Rockabilly…You Can Suck My Balls’. Amazing full-color booklet with lots of ass-cheek and boobie shots….

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  • Alley Dukes - Northern Rednecks (Käytetty CD)


    Hieno redneck rockabilly albumi Canadasta!! Original tyylistä rockabillyä!!!

    ALLEY DUKES ’NORTHERN REDNECKS’ CD: Their BRAND NEW release! FLYING SAUCER RECORDS is proud to release the debut full-length CD album ’NORTHERN REDNECKS’ by Montreal, Canada’s ALLEY DUKES.

    Ya ever hear a band for the first time and, man, you just KNOW they have THE groove nailed down??? Damnit Jim-Bob.These cats do!!!!

    The ALLEY DUKES play rockabilly,… but this is no boring grandma’s kinda lame-o/stiff rockabilly!!!!….this is revved-up, raunchy rockabilly guaranteed to rock yer bones!!!! Loud slappin’ doghouse bass, stingin’ guitar riffs , a stompin’ beat, and the yelps, howls, and dangerous crooning of singer Danny Duke. The boys captured the raw energy and nailed’er down tight on this platter with 10 infectious originals as well as some choice covers (4).

    THE ALLEY DUKES are known for their wild, vulgar but amazing live shows, and are rapidly gaining popularity in the Eastern U.S.A. and Canada through touring in that area. There’s a real buzz going on about this band. This CD is sure to gain them a whole slew of rabid fans worldwide and become a permanent fixture in CD players all over the planet.

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