A Band Called Twang

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  • A Band Called Twang - Rockabilly Girl (CD)


    Since bursting on to the Rockabilly scene ’A Band Called Twang’ hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been literally sweeping people off their feet. Their live performances exude an infectious sense of fun and excitement that draws from their collective love and enthusiasm for Rockabilly/Americana music and culture.
    ’A Band Called Twang’ is fast becoming one of the most hardworking Australian acts in this genre…

    ”A Band Called Twang are at the tip of the top of Australian Rockabilly Scene”…
    Lori Lee (Greaze Fest and Rockabilly Revival & Robot Productions)

    ”My favourite Australian Act for the festival”… Arthur Matts Rockabilly King (Camperdown Cruise Vic)

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  • A Band Called Twang - Rootin` Tootin` (CD)


    Aivan mahtava uutuus Australiasta. Tässä on kaikki kohdallaan! Huippumusaa ja huippu soittajat!! Nyt nimmareiden kera!

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