Bland `Blue` Bobby

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  • Bland `Blue` Bobby - The `3B` Blues Boy (CD)


    Bobby ’Blue’ Bland is arguably the greatest blues singer of all time and here we present 25 of his finest recordings made in the 50s for Duke records. The CD is based round our 1981 vinyl offering, Woke Up Screaming, with a whole bunch of tracks added, including the previously unissued Million Miles From Nowhere”. Apart from the magnificent voice of Bobby Bland, there is the guitar playing of Roy Gaines and his successor Clarence Holliman on various tracks, both a joy to behold. Backing on most cuts is by Bill Harvey’s Orchestra with superb arrangements by Joe Scott. A real find among the master tapes was an undubbed master of ”I Lost Sight Of The World”, minus the somewhat out of place flute solo. The follow-up compilation The Voice deals with Bobby Bland’s 60s recordings. Every home should have one of each of these!”

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