Bloodsucking Zombies From Outerspace/Thee Flanders

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  • Bloodsucking Zombies From Outerspace/Thee Flanders - Clash Of The Monster 2CD (CD)


    Limited edition of 999. Bloodsucking Zombies soittaa Flanders biisejä ja päinvastoin. Mukana myös ennenjulkaisemattomia yllätyksiä, sekä Live At Psychomania Rumble CD! What would happen, if the

    nocturnal Jack The Ripper and

    Boogieman intoned the Monster

    Mutant Boogie-Sonata in the

    pale moonlight? Well, you

    should beware, because the

    high-spirited rampage could

    soon become THE CLASH OF

    THE MONSTERS! But, joking

    aside, it is not a secret that the

    two bands get along well.

    Whether on stage or on various

    collaborations, these children of

    the night cultivate a friendship

    like it’s common in the horror

    business. What began as a silly

    joke finally evolved into a great split-album: The Zombies cover Thee Flanders and vice versa. Additionally there are

    some unreleased tracks and a good deal more. The all-inclusive” package for all friends of Punkabilly, modern

    Psychobilly, friends of Horror and dusk-till-dawn-people. The album will be released as a limited first edition (999

    pieces) with Bonus-CD ”Live at the Psychomania Rumble” including the stylishly designed cover – surprise – by

    Norman Winter.”

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