Bunny Paul

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  • Bunny Paul - Such a rock and roll night (CD)


    Not much is known about Bunny Paul from Texas, even though she recorded for lots of labels including Brunswick, Essex, Capitol (’Tell the man’,’Please have mercy’), Columbia and Gordy. ’Honey love’ made it to #21 in the Cashbox charts of 1954 and also appeared on an EP on the Somerset label (1300) with Bill Haley, and she had two versions of ’Such a night’, one of which was for Essex (352) and one for Columbia. ’Lovey dovey’/’Answer the call’ was Essex 359. Bunny Paul is known for her jazzy big band rock’n’roll of the Fifties and also doo-wop with The Harptones on ’I’ll never tell’ on Essex (364). On Dash records she released ’Baby sitters blues’/’Teen age heart’ (DASH777). She was on Roulette (R-4186) for ’Beedle lump bump’. Bunny Paul is also known to northern soul afficianados for records like ’I’m hooked’ (GORDY 7017) from April of 1963 and ’We’re only young once’.

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