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  • Arsen Roulette - Dear You (CD)


    VIHDOINKIN UUSI ALBUMI! YKSI PARHAISTA 50-LUVUN TYYLIIN VANNOVISTA ROCKABILLY BÄNDEISTÄ!! As you can imagine, the current rockabilly bands that hire a vintage studio, are looking to recreate the sound and feel of the 50’s recordings, which are considered as a definitive model. Nevertheless many forget that the technique of recording is only a part of the equation…The quality of the result is largely dependent on the capacity of each musician to understand this music and to be able to express his understanding and passion with his talent as a musician. And this collectively….tough!!!

    This situation is more complicated when the group wants to write thier own songs. What are the necessary ingredients not to get lost in an accumulation of gimmicks and stereotypes, already heard one thousand times before? A talent of songwriter is naturally indispensable, but many other hard to identify elements are necessary. One of the most important being certainly sincerity…. All the songs on this album are about real life situations in Arsen’s life written out into a story. If not by him, by his brothers who have walked down that same road before. Arsen Roulette is one of the rare musicians who succeeds in creating this alchemy. During his early European tours, the American singer knew how to surround himself with top notch musicians whom always plays with him: Nick (6 years), Roberto (3 years) and the newest Pascal (1 year).

    All natives from different European countries, driven by the same music passion, they followed Arsen in the studio to become each an essential element of the recipe. But that’s not all, as icing on the cake, one of the best American pianists was added on two of the titles.

    Songs written by Arsen, sometimes in association with the musicians, shine with their originality, their variety and integrity. They are highlighted by a voice which expresses authenticity anchored in profound roots…..You will have understood by now that this album is highly original and surpasses most of the (too) numerous productions out there today….

    Not to mention the all too common same sounding albums bands produce. This one is defiantly different than anything Arsen Roulette has done before.

    It is an undeniably a success, a real example of musical sincerity for your listening pleasure…

    Juan Rodriguez (JCR Recording Service)

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  • Arsen Roulette - The Lost Recordings 2003-2004 (Käytetty CD)


    Arsen Roulette teamed up with no none other than Rockin’ Lloyd Trip in early 2000 to bring you this hot platter and no only did Trip pick up the guitar but also co-wrote 9 of the 15 songs featured. Being from a major farming community and a small city, we are a city band trying to play with a special blend of country and blues shaken and stirred to make the best show you have seen and heard in along time””

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