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  • Barnes Benny - Poor Man`s Riches-The Complete 1950`s Recordings (CD)


    Aivan varmasti yksi vuoden kovimmista retro-julkaisuista! Harvinaisuuksia! _ Complete 1950s recordings by this overlooked Texas artist

    _ All of his rare Dixie EPs

    _ His tribute record to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, Gold Records In The Snow

    _ His version of Beggar To A King, which inspired Hank Snow’s 1961 hit version _ inspired Hank Snow’s 1961 hit version

     His rockabilly classic You Gotta Pay East Texas country singer Benny Barnes scored a huge hit in 1956 with only his second record, Poor Man’s Riches, cut

    for the legendary Starday label, and would quickly graduate from the beer joints of his native Beaumont (where he often

    shared the stage with George Jones) to the national spotlight of the Louisiana Hayride. He was boyishly handsome, had

    convincing stage presence, and an instantly recognizable vocal style that melded influences like George Jones and

    Lefty Frizzell with that of his early idol, Hank Snow. He had defied current trends and record industry wisdom by hitting

    with a hard country performance at a time when rock ’n’ roll had threatened to consume everything in its path.

    But there are no sure bets in the record business, as Barnes would bitterly learn when neither these advantages nor the

    patronage of a major label, Mercury, would help him find a follow-up hit to Poor Man’s Riches. While Barnes would

    release many more singles over the next 25 years, by the time of his death in 1987, he was essentially forgotten by the

    country music business.

    In this overdue retrospective, Bear Family gathers together Benny Barnes’ complete 1950s recordings, most reissued

    from the original master tapes for the first time, including two previously unissued performances. It was a prolific four

    years for Barnes, commencing with a couple of early acoustic demos, and continuing through his singles for Starday,

    Mercury, Dixie, Faith, D, and finally back to Mercury at the close of the decade. Though there were a few definite

    missteps during this period, it’s equally undeniable that Barnes’s talent deserved wider recognition than it received –

    then and now.

    The CD comes with a newly researched biography of Barnes by Andrew Brown, rare photos, and a discography.

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