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  • Casey Al - I`m A Guitar Man 2CD (CD)


    ”MIELETTÖMÄN UPEA UUTUUS EL TOROLTA!! Having unearthed the recordings of talented Texas session-guitarist Hal Harris (ETCD 1033), El Toro Records now turns the spotlight to the North West to highlight the magic of Phoenix-based session-man, Al Casey. A big fish in a relatively small pond, Al Casey was already a local radio and TV celebrity when his friend Lee Hazlewood began using him and his band on sessions for the latter’s Viv Records in 1955; so much so that Casey invariably received a credit on each label – an accolade that session musicians rarely received in those days. The following year, Lee Hazlewood and Al Casey hit paydirt with Sanford Clark’s huge hit, ”The Fool” and many hits followed for Casey throughout the ’50s with collaborations on hits by Jody Reynolds and Duane Eddy, amongst others. Here are those early collaborations, both big and small, peppered with Al’s own attempts at being a rock ’n’ roll record star in Phoenix and afterwards, following his relocation to Los Angeles, where he became one of the founders of the renowned group of session musicians known as The Wrecking Crew…”

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  • Casey Al - A Man For All Sessions (CD)


    ”After a career that spans almost fifty years Bear Family compiles Al Casey’s best known tracks under his own name and the cream of his studio work in a jam packed 32-track compilation titled; Al Casey: A Man For All Sessions. This fantastic package features Casey’s famous guitar riffs on classic rock ’n’ roll staples like; The Fool by Sanford Clark, Endless Sleep by Jody Reynolds, plus his beach favorite, Surfin’ Hootenanny. In addition you’ll hear Al’s original versions of Ramrod and his unreleased demo of Forty Miles Of Bad Road, made famous by Duane Eddy. As one of the original recording and touring Rebels, Casey was right there when the architect of Twang, Lee Hazlewood, first created that amazing sound in the tiny Ramsey’s Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona. More than just another player, Casey’s musical contributions are part of albums by Elvis, Sinatra, The Beach Boys, and dozens of others.

    You’ll find rockin’ gems like Willa Mae, Snake Eyed Mama (with Don Cole), The Stinger, along with the jazzy side of Casey both solo and with the Eddy rhythm section. Casey also slides behind the Hammond B3 for his hard to find Stacy tracks, Cookin’, Doin’ It, and Jivin’ Around. There are seven unreleased titles as well as early tracks by Jimmy Spellman, Loy Clingman, Jimmy Johnson, and Lonesome Long John Roller. Another fully loaded Bear Family release with the usual great pictures and notes by musicologists Rich Kienzle and John P. Dixon.

    This is the perfect package to celebrate Casey’s visit to England in May at The Hemsby Festival, where he will back his old friend Sanford Clark for the first time since the fifties! Don’t miss the show and look for Al Casey: A Man For All Sessions, in this months Bear Family releases.

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