Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

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  • Angry Johnny And The Killbillies - I Hear The Devil Laughing (CD)


    ’I Hear The Devil Laughing’ the new album from Angry Johnny and The Killbillies. A fine late night drunkathon to add to your collection. I hear the devil laughing think he’s right outside the door If this is it I wonder what my sorry life was for For all the things I’ve done it seems that Hell is my reward I was raised up on the Bible to be let down by the Lord Jesus I am asking one last time if You are there Send some kind of sign for me and show me that You care I’m down here on my prayin’ bones ashamed of all my pride Please tell me You’ll be waiting when I reac h the other side tell ’em all I said goodbye ain’t no turnin’ back this time And you can tell ’em not to cry tell ’em all that I am feelin’ fine Who cares if it’s a lie the truth is just a waste of time… Easy to leave it all behind, cuz it was never really mine It wasn’t s’posed to be like this why wasn’t everything OK One too many one last kiss too many ones that got away Sick of always fallin’ down think I’ll stay just as I lie Throw some dirt on me..throw some dirt and walk on by Don’t shake your f***ing heads not while your looking down on me Cuz you ain’t got a clue and I don’t need your sympathy Nobody can help me now my time for saving is long gone I threw it all away must be a million years ago Old Scratch is on his way now, he’s coming up to get his prize I’m down here on my prayin’ bones forgive me for my pride Kiss her goodbye for me and tell her that I tried Now Hell’s the only thing that’s waitin’ for me on the other side Kiss her goodbye for me and tell her that I tried.

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