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  • Angels - My Boyfriend`s Back (CD)


    The Angels were a typical one-hit wonder girl group with a better than typical one hit. The title track is so familiar that it scarcely commands comment, but there’s a big falloff in familiarity between that and too much else that the trio ever did. This 14-song collection features their two other chart hits, Cry Baby Cry” and ”Till,” as well as a host of additional songs. ”And the Angels Sing” has a pleasing mix of voices and bells, and their version of ”Sentimental Journey” has a sweetly ethereal yet sultry quality about it and is highlighted by heavily trilled strings over the voices. Unfortunately, producer Gerry Granahan wasn’t as creative with a lot of what else is here, and apart from the two early hits, and a relaxed rendition of ”Cotton Fields,” there’s not a lot that stands out — ”Thank You and Goodnight” does benefit from some soaring harmony singing, but that’s about it. As a mid-priced collection, however, this may be all of the Angels that most interested parties require. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide”

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