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  • Cline Patsy - Sweet Dreams : Her Complete Decca Masters (1960-1963) 2CD (CD)


    AIVAN TÄYDELLINEN TUPLA-ALBUMI! MAAILMAN PARAS NAISKANTRI ARTISTI! JA MITÄ BIISEJÄ, JA MITKÄ SOUNDIT! In 1960, after five years of recording with 4 Star (distributed via Decca Records), Patsy Cline signed directly to Decca Records and producer Owen Bradley. Bradley was already producing Patsy’s recordings, but was limited by 4 Star’s insistence on dominating the copyrights of the songs she was recording. Owen and Patsy immediately looked more broadly for material, and their first three song session under the new contract instantly produced gold in I Fall To Pieces,” her first Country #1 and her first charting recording in almost three years.

    The next year also produced her classic ”Crazy,” which reached #2, and ”She’s Got You,” her second #1, and Patsy Cline’s star has shown brightly ever since. All she needed was the right material, and Owen Bradley and Decca provided it. Unfortunately, that illustrious combination only was to last until Patsy died in a plane crash at age 30 in March 1963. By then, she had recorded the 51 masters on this new collection, and these 51 tracks have become the crown jewels in this country Queen’s recorded legacy. From standards to country classics, from Cole Porter and Irving Berlin to Willie Nelson and Hank Williams, the songs, Bradley’s full-bodied productions, and Patsy’s performances shine throughout.

    The great remastered music is elaborated on by a series of remarkable period photos and insightful liner notes by Colin Escott.”

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  • Cline Patsy - The Complete Releases 1955-62 (3CD) (CD)


    75-track 3-CD set comprising all her A & B sides and album tracks released during the era, including the classic hits Walkin’ After Midnight, I Fall To Pieces, Crazy and She’s Got You.

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  • Cline Patsy - Showcase / Patsy Cline (debut album) + 6 bonus (CD)


    Widely regarded as the finest female country singer of all time, Patsy Cline achieved icon status following her tragic premature death at age 30 in 1963. In the eight short years of her brief recording career, Cline showed her versatility by singing all types of songs, while leaving behind a catalog of timeless classics that continue to be sung today. Her unique, crying style and vocal impeccability have influenced artists from all genres, and established her reputation as the quintessential torch singer.

    This collector’s edition features two of Patsy Cline’s best albums: Showcase (1961), and her self-titled debut, Patsy Cline (1957). Both LPs were originally released by the Decca label and have been expertly remastered on this outstanding CD. The albums boast such important hits as “Crazy”, “I Fall to Pieces”, “Walkin’ After Midnight”, and “Three Cigarettes (in an Ashtray)”. In addition, we have included 6 bonus tracks from the same period. These splendid recordings feature a virtual who’s who of great sidemen including impressive guitar legend Grady Martin, bassist Bob Moore, pianist Floyd Cramer and Elvis’ original backing group, The Jordanaires, among others.


    PATSY CLINE, lead vocals, plus

    Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitar)
    Ben Keith (pedal-steel guitar)
    Harold Bradley, Bob Moore (bass)
    Buddy Harman (drums)
    Floyd Cramer, Hargus “Pig” Robbins (piano)
    The Jordanaires (backing vocals),
    among others.

    Recorded in Nashville and New York City, 1955-1961.


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  • Cline Patsy - On the Air: Her Greatest TV Performances (CD)


    ”TÄYDELLISTÄ! LIVE MATSKUA PATSY CLINELTA!! ____________Patsy Cline is as iconic as an American singer can get, but it’s easy to forget that she rose to fame at a time when country music was considered a second-rate format by much of the music industry — there was money to be made in it, but ”hillbilly music” was hardly considered worthy of respect. Cline was one of the first singers to challenge that, making records that were cool and sophisticated but still clearly country, but the business barely began to warm to her talents (and the notion of a country-to-pop crossover) before she died in a tragic place crash in the spring of 1963. On the Air: Her Greatest TV Performances collects 14 live numbers recorded for television broadcasts in 1962 and early 1963, and it’s worth noting that 11 of them were drawn from the archives of the Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry show, a decidedly low-rent syndicated program where the performers shared air time with pitches for dairy products. However, while this music may have been recorded under humbling circumstances, Cline never sounds less than stellar; these performances, cut with her road band, lack a bit of the gloss of the studio versions she recorded with producer Owen Bradley, but Cline’s vocals are remarkably agile and full-bodied, and there’s a bit more emotional heat in some of these tunes than in their cooler, more refined vinyl versions. Cline always had a knack for a weeper, and without overplaying it, she mines ”She’s Got You,” ”Why Can’t He Be You,” and ”A Church, A Courtroom, Then Good Bye” for all the heartache they’re worth, and she just as ably finds a jazzy swing in ”I Fall to Pieces” and ”Walking After Midnight” that would have been the envy of any supper club vocalist. And her versions of ”Blue Moon of Kentucky” and ”San Antonio Rose” make it clear that she could sound classy and country at the same time, while taking C&W standards and making them all her own. It’s a shame that there aren’t more examples of Patsy Cline’s skills as a live performer available to the public, and at less than 35 minutes, On the Air only adds so much to the catalog, but for anyone who has ever loved her way with a song, this is a truly valuable find”

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  • Cline Patsy - Just Out To Reach (1955-1961) 2 CD (CD)


    KAKSI LEGENDAARISTA ALBUMIA, SEKÄ KAIKKI SINGLET VUOSILTA 1955-1961! One of the paramount singers in the history of country music, Patsy Cline had a hand in blazing the trail for female singers to establish themselves in the Nashville-dominated industry.

    This set features two complete albums, Patsy Cline and Showcase plus features her singles from 1957 – 1961 that did not appear on the original albums.

    Hits include: ’Walkin’ After Midnight’, ’I Fall to Pieces’ and ’Crazy’.

    Fully detailed liner notes cover her career and chart achievements.

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  • Cline Patsy - Stop, Look And Listen – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)


    Mahtava kokoelma! PARAS Patsy kokoelma ikinä!! . Mukana myös ennenjulkaisemattomia äänityksiä!! WOW! MITKÄ SOUNDIT JA KIRJANEN!!!

    Though her reputation rests on seductive, easy-listening ballads, Patsy Cline frequently cut catchy uptempo tracksduring the first five years of her brief recording career. This release culls the best of them, including her 1957 country hitWalking After Midnight, rockers like Stop, Look And Listen and bouncy numbers like Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round. Foryears these sides have been released scattershot across countless CD anthologies padded with filler. Now they’recollected onto one compact disc, all songs digitally remastered from the original session tapes. The set also includespreviously unissued recordings.

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  • Cline Patsy - Sweet Dreams Still (DVD)


    ”TODELLA HIENO DVD! HYVTASOISTA MATKSUA PATSY CLINEN TV ESIINTYMISISTÄ! The career of American country music icon Patsy Cline is explored in this release offering a comprehensive collection of Cline’s filmed musical performances. Host Robert K. Oermann offers a guided tour of performances spanning Cline’s tragically short career; from rare clips of her earliest performances to her final televised appearance, all of the hits, rarities, and fan favorites are here. Songs featured on this release include ”A Church, A Courtroom, and Then Goodbye”, ”I’ve Loved and Lost Again”, ”Lovesick Blues”, ”So Wrong” and more.”

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  • Cline Patsy - The Real (DVD)


    Almost 40 years after her death in a plane crash, singer Patsy Cline continues her hold on country music fans. This program presents archival clips of her riveting performances on television and in concert. She is shown singing her signature tunes, such as Walkin’ After Midnight,” ”I Fall to Pieces,” and ”Crazy,” a song penned by a young Willie Nelson. Interviews with family, friends, and musical colleagues, such as Carl Perkins and Loretta Lynn, give insight into the tragically short life of this queen of country music. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, All Movie Guide

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  • Cline Patsy - A Portrait Of (Remembering) DVD (DVD)


    Patsy Cline died in a plane crash on March 5, 1963. Now, her musical legacy lives on in Remembering Patsy. This heartfelt celebration features 17 great Patsy Cline songs, and 10 rare television appearances, recently discovered and never before seen on video. You’ll meet Patsy through her intimate home movies, her personal letters, as read by Arista recording artist Michele Wright, and the fond reminiscences of Patsy’s husband, Charlie Dick, and Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Mel Tillis, Roy Clark, Eddy Arnold, Bill Anderson and Jan Howard. A new generation of stars including Trisha Yearwood, k.d. lang, Ronna Reeves, Lisa Stewart, and Marsha Thorntorn, add insight into Patsy’s influence and proof positive that Patsy Cline does live on in her music.

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  • Cline Patsy - Live At The Cimarron Ballroom (CD)


    essential recording

    In 1961 Patsy Cline performed at the Cimarron Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, backed by a hot Western-swing band led by steel guitar great Leon McAuliffe. Although Cline had just come out of the hospital following a serious automobile accident, you wouldn’t know that from listening to her voice on this tape of the performance, unearthed in 1997. Although the tape has a few glitches, both Cline and the band come through loud and clear on a program that ranges from her hits to Western-swing standards and even a couple of rock & roll covers. The between-tunes banter offers an intriguing insight into Cline’s brassy, big-hearted personality. -Rick Mitchell

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