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  • Beatles - The Singles Collection 23 x 7″ single (Boxed Set, Limited Edition, 180 Gram Vinyl, With Book, Remastered) (7 single/EP)


    From 1962 to 1970, The Beatles released 22 UK singles; of those 44 A and B-side tracks, 29 were not included on the group’s British albums at that time. These singles, plus an exclusive new double A side single for the mid-1990s-issued tracks “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love,” are newly cut for vinyl from their original mono and stereo master tapes by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios for a new limited edition boxed set. The Beatles: The Singles Collection presents 46 tracks on 23 180-gram seven-inch vinyl singles in faithfully reproduced international picture sleeves, accompanied by a 40 page booklet with photos, ephemera, and detailed essays by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett. The collectible set will be released worldwide on November 22 by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe.

    The Singles Collection offers a fascinating view of the creative trajectory of The Beatles’ John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr across their relatively brief recording tenure together. Just three and a half years divide 1963’s “She Loves You” and 1967’s “Strawberry Fields Forever,” a remarkable, illustrative example of the band’s rapid, groundbreaking evolution. From the band’s star-making 1962 debut single, “Love Me Do” with its B-side “P.S. I Love You,” to their 1970 finale of “Let It Be” / “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number),” the new collection underscores The Beatles’ breathtaking creative arc.

    Because it was rare in the 1960s for UK singles to be released in picture sleeves, the collection’s seven-inches are presented in reproduced picture sleeves from their original releases in several countries around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, France, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA, and West Germany.

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  • Beatles - The U.S. Albums 13CD Boxset (CD)


    13 original U.S. albums.
    Presented in both mono and stereo (The Beatles Story and Hey Jude: stereo mix only).
    Replica miniature LP packaging.

    All albums are packaged in miniature vinyl sleeves that faithfully recreate the original U.S. LP releases down to the finest detail, including inner sleeves.

    Also includes a 64 page booklet which includes a new essay examining the U.S. albums and their historical significance.

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  • Beatles - The Japan Box (CD)


    Viisi vuosina 1964 ja 1965 julkaistua studiolevyä “Meet The Beatles,” “The Beatles Second Album,”
    “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help!”,sekä “The Beatles No. 5.”Japani painoksina omassa boxissaan. Albumit sisältävät 2009 remasteroinnin “Help!” levyä lukuunottamatta missä on käytetty alkuperäistä ’60-luvun stereomixausta. “Meet the Beatles,” “The Beatles No. 2 (Second Album)” ja “The Beatles No. 5” ovat mono-, ja “A Hard Day’s Night” sekä “Help!” stereomiksauksia. Mukana boxissa 100- sivuinen lipuke.

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  • Beatles - On Air-Live At The BBC Vol 2 (2CD) (CD)


    The Beatlesin vuonna 1994 julkaistu ja yli 8 miljoonaa kappaletta myynyt Live at the BBC saa nyt jatko-osan. On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2 sisältää The Beatlesin BBC:n radio-ohjelmille tekemiä studiolive-tallenteita vuosilta 1963-64. On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2 sisältää 63 kappaletta, joista 40 on musiikkiesityksiä (mukana 37 ennenjulkaisematonta versiota) ja 23 ennenjulkaisemattomia studiokeskusteluja bändin ja BBC:n radiojuontajien välillä. Kymmentä On Air -taltiointia ei ole koskaan levytetty EMI levy-yhtiölle 1960-luvulla mukanaan mm. Chuck Berryn I’m Talking About You”, sekä toinen cover-klassikko ”Beautiful Dreamer”. On Air sisältää myös eri versiot 1994 BBC tuplalla olleista kappaleista ”Lucille” (Little Richard), ”Memphis, Tennesee (Chuck Berry), ”The Hippy Hippy Shake” (Chan Romero), ”I Got a Woman” (Ray Charles), sekä kaksi Carl Perkins-coveria ”Glad All Over” ja ”Sure To Fall.” A48-sivuinen kirjanen kruunaa koko komeuden. Albumilla mukana olevasta kappaleesta Words Of Love julkaistaan myös video. Tapaus on historiallinen sillä edelliset Beatle-videot olivat vuonna 1996 Anthology sarjan tiimoilta julkaistut Free As A Bird ja Real Love. On Air tulee olemaan loppuvuonna voimakkaasti esillä eri medioiss”

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  • Beatles - With Tony Sheridan – Beatles Bop – Hamburg Days (CD)


    ”Beatles Bop” is a lavish box set reissue of a fairly small number of recordings that have been released before, namely the 1961-62 recordings of the Beatles (with Pete Best, not yet Ringo) in recording studios in Germany as a backup band for Liverpool singer Tony Sheridan. The Beatles themselves had nothing to do with this reissue, but Beatlemaniacs will be impressed with the thoroughness with which this collection was made.

    Its expensive price tag is due to its inclusion of a lavish, color, hardcover book detailing all that is known about each recording.

    The recordings themselves are contained on 2 CDs, and it should be noted that there are really only about 10 songs here, but that this set excels in tracking down every available mix of each one that was ever released (the original tapes no longer exist), both in mono and stereo. Beatles fans may be disappointed that Sheridan (impersonating Elvis pretty well) sang most of the lead vocals on these recordings, although John Lennon does get to sing a version of ”Ain’t She Sweet,” and the Beatles did get to record their own catchy instrumental composition, ”Cry for a Shadow.” Other songs include ”When the Saints Go Marching In” and the famous ”My Bonnie” which brought the band to Brian Epstein’s attention. It is interesting to hear the Beatles playing their recogniseable sound here, with the energy and versatility that would amaze the world in a few short years. This is also a rare chance to assess the drumming of Pete Best. Casual fans will think this box set, with its multiple versions of the same songs, and its painstaking documentation of each one, to be too much ado about too little. But scholars and rabid fans interested in the early years of the group will definitely want to add this to their collection. And yes, the sound quality is very good.

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