Byrd Jerry

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  • Byrd Jerry - Byrd`s Expedition (CD)


    Richard Weize, creative mastermind of legendary label BEAR FAMILY and one of Germany’s most renowned music experts, releases the first comprehensive collection of legendary lap steel guitarist JOHN BYRD’s celebrated MERCURY instrumentals on his new label RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES.

    Packed with 30 tracks, digitally remastered from the best available source material. Features stellar support from guitarists Zeke Turner and Chet Atkins. If pedal steel virtuosos Speedy West, Buddy Emmons and Bud Isaacs played to your head and your feet, then lap steel master Jerry Byrd (1920-2005) played to your heart. For decades, steel guitar enthusiasts and country record collectors have longed for a reissue of Byrd’s timeless country material, particularly the instrumentals he recorded for MERCURY between 1949 and 1954. The majority of them appear here, along with a healthy sampling of Byrd’s Hawaiian stylings.

    No reissue of Byrd’s MERCURYs would be complete without Steelin’ The Blues and its vocal refrain by Western balladeer Rex Allen.

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