Aces & 8`s

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  • Aces & 8`s - Same (CD)


    Review from METRO:

    Full frontal Leeds psychobillies Aces & Eights take no prisoners on their debut self-titled 7-track mini-album (via Raucous Records). Frontman Reverend Black’s mix of frenetic hollerin’ over screamin’ geetars, red hot double bassin’ and speedball drums kicks off with the incediary opener ”You Me & The Black Cloud Honey”, defying the listener not to break into mosh-pit pogo mode. The jungle drums and headbanger voodoo of The Creature That Ate Sheboygan and infectious foot-tapper ”Sweet Leonard & The Bo’ Dicky Blues” will have hillbilly proto-punk Hank Williams jitterbuggin’ in his grave”.”

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