Carlisle Jumpin` Bill ( Carlisles)

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  • Carlisle Jumpin` Bill ( Carlisles) - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight-Busy Body Boogie (CD)



    Following the overwhelming success of our THAT’LL FLAT GIT IT series and our ROCKS! series, we’re turning our attention to the overlooked, unloved, and generally neglected country boogie.

    It’s a myth that country boys didn’t get hip to the jive until Elvis came along.

    From the mid-1940s onward, country musicians were really shaking the shack, and that’s where we’ll be taking you: Tennessee Saturday Nights!

    If you’ve ever wondered where JERRY LEE LEWIS, ELVIS, CARL PERKINS, JOHNNY BURNETTE, and other first generation rockabilly stars got half their style and half their cool, look no further than THE CARLISLES, LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS, and others who’ll be coming very soon to Bear Family’s exciting new series! As always with Bear Family, the music is just the beginning. There’s the story of the musicians, the story of the music, and incredible never-before-seen photographs.

    When Bill Carlisle died in 2003 aged 94, it ended a country music dynasty that began when his brother, Cliff, began mixing blues and country on record as far back as 1930.

    Younger brother Bill got into the act in 1933, and by the dawn of the 1950s Bill was one of the hottest draws on the country circuit.

    We pick up the story in 1951 when Bill’s group, the Carlisles, signed with Mercury Records. Bill had just acquired a young guitarist named Chet Atkins, and Chet is heard laying down his hot licks throughout this set. He was a much wilder player on these sessions than on his solo recordings for RCA in the 1960s, and really laid the foundation for rockabilly guitar.

    Martha Carson is featured, too, and her gospel exuberance would later influence Elvis and many others.

    Bill’s hits, like Too Old To Cut The Mustard, Iz Zat You Myrtle and No Help Wanted, were wildly energetic, but this set also includes songs like Leave That Liar Alone (that Ray Charles adapted into Leave My Woman Alone), and the Carlisles’ cover version of the Drifters’ Honey Love, as well as the best of the Carlisles’ never-before-reissued RCA and Columbia recordings.

    Bill Carlisle’s warped sensibility and infectious good humor have survived fifty years VERY well.

    This is the only Carlisles’ CD on the market, and the only one you’ll ever need!

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