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  • Brown James - Love Power Peace 3LP (LP)

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    2014 first release of the triple vinyl LP set as envisioned by James Brown.Includes deluxe jacket with rare photos & liner notes by Alan Leeds.

    Mastered from Brown’s 1971 mixdown reels, unused until now James Brown’s magnum opus! Love Power Peace is the sound of the Godfather with his youngblood J.B.’s (including Bootsy and Catfish Collins) electrifying a crazed Parisian audience on March 8, 1971.

    Sequenced & mixed by Brown himself for a planned triple album, the set was shelved when key band members departed before it could be issued.

    Here, for the first time, are the sides as intended, exactly as delivered by James Brown Productions to his label in 1971. Brown & the J.B.’s rip through recent singles like ”Sex Machine, ” ”Super Bad, ” ”Give It Up or Turnit a Loose” and ”Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” with a metronomic precision laid down by bassist Bootsy Collins and drummer Jabo Starks. ”Ain’t It Funky Now” – formerly a slow, simmering groove – is transformed into a fast, funky tour de force in which newbie Catfish Collins unleashes one of the most badass guitar solos ever, while a medley of three other Brown standards (”Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”/”I Got You (I Feel Good)”/”I Got the Feelin’ ”) blazes by faster than the Godfather of Soul’s personal Learjet. Interspersed with just the right amount of slow numbers like ”Georgia on My Mind, ”

    it also includes tracks from the show’s supporting acts that were not included on the 1992 CD (which was a remixed, incomplete show).

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  • Brown James - Live At Home With His Bad Self 2LP (LP)


    A landmark recording James Brown intended as a late ’69 release, but instead was edited into half the LP Sex Machine.

    This new 50thanniversary album and CD present the previously unreleased complete show for the first time.

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  • Brown James - (Can You) Feel It ! (180g) (LP)


    This Waxtime collector’s edition contains 20 remastered studio tracks, including the fabulous early singles – both A & B sides – James Brown made for the Federal and King labels, between 1959 and 1962. Brown’s early repertoire, much of which is presented on this indispensable LP set, marks one of the most important building blocks of the soul and funk idioms. Highlights include “Shout and Shimmy,” “Night Train,” “It Was You,” and the instrumental numbers “Cross Firing” and “Hold It.” Brown’s back-up singer Yvonne Fair is also featured belting out the original version of the worldwide smash “I Got You (I Feel Good)” titled “I Found You.” These recordings provide an opportunity to hear JB paying homage to his early influences. R&B balladry, doo wop, gospel and blues are all evident throughout this collection of songs. Those more familiar with Brown’s later work may be surprised to hear his delicate croon on “I Love You, Yes I Do,” but the urgency and emotion he displays even in this early incarnation are par for the course.

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  • Brown James - Soul on Top (180 gram, gatefold, Limited) (LP)


    80gr./ Original Artwork Gatefold Sleeve, High Quality, Limited Edition

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  • Brown James - Night James Brown Saved Boston (DVD)


    Todella hyvä ja mielenkiintoinen dokumentti sekä Live tallenne itse keikasta!

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  • Brown James - Try Me! + 2 bonus (190 gram) (LP)


    Klassikko albumi!!

    After James Brown and His Famous Flames scored a hit with the single Try Me,” King Records put together this 16-track collection of his early doo wop and R&B material circa 1959.         The album was also reissued in 1964 under the title, The Unbeatable James Brown: 16 Hits.

    This 180g LP version of that rare first issue features the original cover art with a girl holding a cigarette and a smoking gun.”

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  • Brown James - Cold Sweat (Käytetty LP/12)


    Originally Released in 1967.

    This version is a reissue and can be identified by the company information printed on the jacket and labels along with the runout groove etchings. The pressing plant information found in the runout grooves indicates that it was initially reissued in 1999.

    Printed on the front cover:

    All New Great Songs Never In An Album
    Cold Sweat Parts 1&2
    James Brown
    His Famous Flames

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  • Brown James - The Amazing James Brown + 4 bonus tracks (180g) (LP)


    • Limited edition high-definition 180 g vinyl LP

    • James Brown’s fourth studio album released on the King label in 1961 – a seminal record which was reissued several times with different titles. Now remastered and issued with its original cover and four bonus tracks

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  • Brown James - Live at the Apollo + Bonus (CD)


    ”Klassikko albumi. An astonishing record of James and the Flames tearing the roof off the sucker at the mecca of R&B theatres, New York’s Apollo. When King Records owner Syd Nathan refused to fund the recording, thinking it commercial folly, Brown single-mindedly proceeded anyway, paying for it out of his own pocket. He had been out on the road night after night for a while, and he knew that the magic that was part and parcel of a James Brown show was something no record had ever caught. Hit follows hit without a pause — ”I’ll Go Crazy,” ”Try Me,” ”Think,” ”Please Please Please,” ”I Don’t Mind,” ”Night Train,” and more. The affirmative screams and cries of the audience are something you’ve never experienced unless you’ve seen the Brown Revue in a Black theater. If you have, I need not say more; if you haven’t, suffice to say that this should be one of the very first records you ever own.”

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  • Brown James - Say It Loud – I`m Black and I`m Proud (LP)


    Although historical evaluations of James Brown’s work during the last half of the ’60s tend to focus on the innovative funk of his biggest hit singles, his repertoire — both live and on record — in fact remained pretty versatile. Like his other ’60s studio albums, Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud is more R&B/pop-conscious than a lot of listeners would expect, mixing the funky monsters Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)” and ”Licking Stick” with soul ballads. It’s a notch above similar albums from earlier in the decade, however, in that the slow numbers are usually gritty slow-burns that eschew syrupy orchestration.”

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  • Brown James - Try Me! LP + CD (LP)


    Sama CD ja LP:nä! Klassikko albumi!!After James Brown and His Famous Flames scored a hit with the single Try Me,” King Records put together this 16-track collection of his early doo wop and R&B material circa 1959. The album was also reissued in 1964 under the title, The Unbeatable James Brown: 16 Hits. This 180g LP version of that rare first issue features the original cover art with a girl holding a cigarette and a smoking gun.”

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  • Brown James - I Got The Feelin`-In the 60`s 3DVD Boxset (DVD)


    Product Description

    I Got the Feelin’: James Brown in the ’60s is the definitive look at JB’s on-stage prowess, including an acclaimed documentary, two previously unreleased concerts, and more. With full-length versions of many classics, includingI Feel Good,” ”Out Of Sight,” ”Cold Sweat,” ”Try Me,” ”I Got The Feelin’,” ”It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” ”Bewildered,” and ”Please, Please, Please,” I Got the Feelin’: James Brown in the ’60s is an essential part of any music lover’s collection.


    Features the director’s cut of the acclaimed VH1 film The Night James Brown Saved Boston, which tells the story of a 1968 concert that not only averted riots in Boston in the aftermath of MLK’s assassination, but also set James Brown on a revolutionary new path. Includes additional interviews with members of James Brown’s band, friends and colleagues, plus a panel discussion from the film’s premiere in Boston.


    Features the historic 1968 Boston Garden concert as originally broadcast by WGBH. Contains additional audio from the radio simulcast of the concert.


    Features Man to Man: James Brown Live at The Apollo Theater 1968, a TV special taped the week before the Boston show and unseen for 40 years! Plus bonus performances from 1967 and 1968 shows at L’Olympia in Paris, AND the legendary version of ”Out of Sight” from The T.A.M.I. Show (1964).”

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  • Brown James - Soul Survival (DVD)


    Genre: Biography, Music History, Vocal Music

    Theatrical Date: 2003

    Original Language: English

    Run Time: 90  Minutes

    aka: James Brown: Soul Survivor

    Studio: Polydor / PGD

    James Brown: Soul Survivor spans more than four decades of the one and only Godfather of Soul, documenting the rise and fall of the hardest working man in show business.” Through archival footage, excerpts read from his biography, and interviews with the people closest to the man, you get an inside look at the music and political times which helped shape Brown’s career through the ages. Various friends lending thoughts in the program include the Rev. Al Sharpton, rapper Chuck D, Little Richard, and former long-time musical director Fred Wesley. Performances include segments from a House of Blues gig along with rare, behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of the maestro at work. Originally aired as part of the American Masters television documentary series, this 90-minute special was later released on DVD under the Polydor label. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide”

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