Big Bad Shakin`

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  • Big Bad Shakin` - Bad At Being Good (Käytetty CD)


    ’Bad At Being Good’ is the debut album from Teddyboy Rockers Big Bad Shakin’. This is razor-sharp, blasting Rock ’n’ Roll that features hot guitar licks and pumpin’ piano throughout.



    The main influences of Big Bad Shakin’ are definitely not to be found in the vintage Rockabilly 1950s sound, but rather Shakin’ Stevens & The Sunsets, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Blasters as well as Ronnie Dawson. The music style of Big Bad Shakin’ combines laid-back coolness with overdrive in both their music and the spectacular stage show. Their colourful performance is razor-sharp Rock ’n’ Roll that clearly shows its roots – Rhythm and Blues – at any time. Forceful drive, massive guitar licks, a pumpin’ piano combined with action-packed stage appearance is what Big Bad Shakin’ are all about. During one of their concerts tours in the UK Big Bad Shakin’s music were announced as ’Take No Prisoners Total Rock’n’Roll’ – and, well, that’s what it is!

         Big Bad Shakin’ first got together in the summer of 1997 when they were asked to replace the headline Rock’n’Roll act at an open air gig with an audience of about 2,000 bikers, rockers, teds, cats and kittens and grannies and teens. It was this gig and the RockPopHipHop-aberration of the 1990s combined with each band members’ Rock’n’Roll obsession to start kickin’ butts with a big, bad project to get their audience shakin’ them bones. The result is what today has become known as Big Bad Shakin’,

         Big Bad Shakin’ have backed some of the legends of Rock’n’Roll music. They played with Crazy Cavan (2002, UK), singer and Hollywood movie wildman Johnny ’Man On The Moon-Guru’ Legend (2002, USA) and Huelyn Duvall (2003, USA). In May 2003 Big Bad Shakin’ performed with the German top movie legend Rolf Zacher. He – being a combination of US stars Al Pacino and Robert de Niro – received various high-ranking awards such as the Bundesfilmpreis – the German Oscar – and the Charlie Chaplin Shoe.


    This is what rock ’n’ roll is all about!” The Black Cat”

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