Conley Arthur

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  • Conley Arthur - I`m Living Good 1964-1974 (CD)


    CD Description:

    * Arthur Conley’s career as a first-tier soul man was largely overshadowed by the worldwide success of his biggest hit, `Sweet Soul Music’ and the entertaining, but often cliched, funk and dance tracks that he was obliged to record in his attempts to find a follow-up hit of comparable magnitude.

    * Hidden on the flips of many of those funk workouts and/or spread across three albums were some of the best deep and sweet Southern Soul sides of the late 60s. Although highly collectable they have never been available in once place – until now.

    * I’m Living Good” assembles Arthur’s great deep and sweet soul sides for Ru-Jac, Atco, Jotis, Fame and Capricorn Records, cut for producers like Otis Redding, Clarence Carter, Swamp Dogg, Tom Dowd and Rick Hall over ten years. These show that he deserves the same appreciation as the very best singers in his peer group, rather than being seen as just the `Sweet Soul Music’ man.

    * Arthur was a regular visitor to Europe during the years spanned by these recordings and eventually settled in the Netherlands in the late 1970s. His European fame will ensure a wide audience for this CD.”

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