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Kentucky Colonels - 1966 (CD)


Extra Crispy Bluegrass! Released by Shiloh Records in 1978, 1966 was a curious album, the bucket of tunes contained only two songs in the Colonels’ regular repertoire while the rest was made up of finger lickin’ good covers and traditionals.

This reissue expands the offering with some of their earliest known recordings, combining to form a full menu from a legendary band that ushered bluegrass into a more modern era! The band, led by the virtuosic mandolin player Roland White, delivers a collection of traditional and original tunes that showcase their impeccable musicianship and tight harmonies. But it’s not just about technical skill – the Kentucky Colonels also bring a sense of soulfulness to their music. Vocal tracks like ”I Am A Pilgrim” and ”Lonely Heart Blues” are delivered with heartfelt emotion, while instrumentals like ”Dusty Miller” have a haunting beauty that lingers long after they’ve ended.

Overall, the Kentucky Colonels’ 1966 album is a must-listen for anyone who loves bluegrass music. It’s a timeless classic that showcases some of the genre’s finest musicians at their very best. The Kentucky Colonels came along at a crucial time and helped usher bluegrass into a more modern era. The band’s fresh, youthful, fun-loving approach to bluegrass, coupled with a respect for tradition but the willingness to push the boundaries of the music, made the Colonels a band for the ages. A half-century after the band’s last recordings, the Kentucky Colonels still matter

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Soldier’s Joy
2 The Fugitive
3 Ruben’s Train
4 One Tear
5 I Might Take You Back Again
6 Take Off Your Cheaters
7 Old Country Church
8 Earl’s Breakdown
9 Give This Message to Your Heart
10 Ruben’s Train (Encore)
11 Cotton Eyed Joe
12 Soldier’s Joy (Conclusion)
13 Head Over Heels in Love with You
14 Shady Grave
15 I’ll Never Love Anybody But You
16 Polka on the Banjo
17 I’ll Go Steppin’ Too
18 Flint Hill Special
19 Shuckin’ the Corn
20 John Hardy
21 Mad Banjo

Kentucky Colonels

  • Kentucky Colonels - 1966 (LP)