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Glasser Dick (aka Dick Lory) - A Handsome Guy (CD)


The multi-talented DICK GLASSER, who also recorded prolifically as DICK LORY, cut a slew of Rock & Roll and Teeners’ Pop 45s between 1956-62, and also enjoyed considerable success as a songwriter, producer and music publisher.

Although his commercial success was patchy (he registered his biggest hit, ’Handsome Guy’, in Australia!), sides like ’Catty Town’, ’Cool It Baby’, ’Crazy Love’, ’Wild-Blooded Woman’, ’Crazy Little Daisy’, ’Heartaches Over You’ and ’The Pain Is Here’ (perhaps his finest record), all included herein, are highly sought-after collectors’ items.

This compilation presents the very best of his releases between 1956-62, across seven different record labels, billed variously as Dicks Glasser and/or Lory, as well as ’guest appearances’ fronting Pee Wee King’s band and with his three brothers, as Dickie & The Gee’s and The Toppers.

The first time that this body of work has been thus compiled, this is all monstrously good stuff, while a great many of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi JASCD1106
Tuottaja Jasmine
Vuosi 2021

1. CATTY TOWN (by Pee Wee King & His Band, vocal by Dick Glasser)
3. EVERYTHING BUT YOU (as Dick Lory)
4. COOL IT BABY (as Dick Lory)
5. BALL ROOM BABY (as Dick Lory)
6. CRAZY LOVE (as Dick Glasser)
7. LOVE ME (as Dick Glasser)
9. GO ALONG BABY (as Dick Glasser)
10. BABY BYE BYE (by Dickie & The Gee’s)
11. FOOLISH TEARS (by Dickie & The Gee’s)
12. WILD-BLOODED WOMAN (as Dick Lory)
13. NO ONE BUT YOU KNOWS WHEN (as Dick Lory)
14. CRAZY LITTLE DAISY (as Dick Lory)
15. DON’T BE A FOOL FOR LOVE (as Dick Lory)
16. ANGELS IN THE SKY (as Dick Glasser)
17. HEARTACHES OVER YOU (as Dick Glasser)
18. CRAZY ALLIGATOR (as Dick Glasser)
19. THAT’S WHAT I’M GONNA DO (as Dick Glasser)
20. LEAVE ME ALONE (And Let Me Cry) (as Dick Glasser)
21. JEANNIE’S BIKINI (as Dick Glasser)
22. TIME CAN CHANGE (as Dick Glasser)
23. LOVER’S DREAMLAND (as Dick Glasser)
24. MY LAST DATE (With You) (as Dick Lory)
25. BROKEN HEARTED (as Dick Lory)
26. THE PAIN IS HERE (as Dick Lory)
27. YOU (as Dick Lory)
28. HELLO WALLS (as Dick Lory)
29. CITY OF LOVE (as Dick Lory)
30. TERRI (as Dick Glasser)
31. TELL ME WHY (by The Toppers)
32. HANDSOME GUY (as Dick Lory)
33. WELCOME HOME AGAIN (as Dick Lory)