Royal Crowns - After Dark (CD)

Royal Crowns - After Dark (CD)


Kauan odotettu uusi albumi Canadasta!! Edellinen albumi 32 Miles from Memphis oli todellinen hitti, joten niin on varmasti tämäkin!! EHKÄ yksi ensi vuoden midsummer jamboree esiintyjistä!!!


The Royal Crowns are led by guitarist-singer Danny Bartley, a former member of Shotgun Shack and the Razor Backs. Danny is probably the leading rockabilly guitarist in the country. In his spare time Danny enjoys country life, camping and good home style cooking.

Bob Taillefer, one of the finest rockabilly and jazz pedal steel guitarists in the business, is a star attraction with the Royal Crowns. Away from the band stand Bob likes to read history books, drink red wine and eat European cheese.

Tall, dark and handsome (and talented too) best describes upright bassist and singer Scott Gibson. When not gigging with the Crowns, Scott enjoys song writing, attending auctions, and spending quality time with his family.

On drums, vocals and wisecracks is Teddy Fury, a former member of the seminal rockabilly outfit the Bopcats, he puts the swing in the thing. Teddy’s time off the skins is consumed by long drives in his ’59 Desoto, late night scrabble games and Indian cuisine.

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  • 1. Wine Drinkin' Woman
  • 2. Your Way
  • 3. Big Green Bop
  • 4. Workin' Man
  • 5. After Dark
  • 6. Caveman Boogie
  • 7. Why Did You Go
  • 8. It Won't Sit Still
  • 9. Badlands
  • 10. Misery Train
  • 11. Mean
  • 12. Mean Streak
  • 13. Safe Bet
  • 14. Bake Some Bread

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