Edmunds Dave - …Again (CD)

Edmunds Dave - …Again (CD)


”With .Again, Dave Edmunds releases his first newly recorded material for two decades.____________________.Again contains new and self-penned tracks, and some rarely heard Edmunds’ recordings, together presenting a personal collection which is truly consistent_______________________Four brand new tracks, two of which are Dave Edmunds’ own compositions , People Wanna Get High and the title track Again. Two covers Georgia On My Mind and Your Song which Edmunds has road tested and recently laid down in his own fashion ; the former boasting his Beach Boys harmonies and the latter his Jerry Reed picking.___________________________Return To Sender was recorded as a tribute to legendary songwriter Otis Blackwell and driven by Edmunds desire to be as close as to original as possible. Whilst Babyface captures the spirit of Little Richard. Both make an Edmunds album appearance for the first time.Includes sleeve notes written by Edmunds are a track by track personal account.”

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Video http://youtu.be/KnbF83bCQW4
  • 1. Again
  • 2. Chutes And Ladders
  • 3. Halfway Down
  • 4. I Got The Will
  • 5. I Love Music
  • 6. Standing At The Crossroads
  • 7. Return To Sender
  • 8. Georgia On My Mind
  • 9. It Doesn't Really Matter
  • 10. People Wanna Get High
  • 11. I Still Love You
  • 12. Babyface
  • 13. The Claw
  • 14. Your Song
  • 15. A Better Word For Love

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