Tillotson Johnny - All His Early Hits and More (CD)

Tillotson Johnny - All His Early Hits and More (CD)


Here we find the good folks of Ace continuing their survey of all that was great and groovy on black vinyl and transferring it to the small, shiny format. The vinyl album Poetry In Motion was a consistent seller since the day it was released, and this CD offers even better value as here we have 30 tracks (all but two of the A and B sides of the singles Tillotson recorded for Cadence before he left to do his national service). Every facet of Johnny’s repertoire is represented, from country, through teen angst to soft rock. Give it a spin and hear why Tillotson stood head and shoulders above the glut of Bobbies and Frankies that threatened to drown the world in schmaltz in the early 60s

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  • 1. Poetry In Motion
  • 2. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin'
  • 3. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
  • 4. Without You
  • 5. You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
  • 6. Well I'm Your Man
  • 7. Dreamy Eyes
  • 8. True True Happiness
  • 9. Love Is Blind
  • 10. Why Do I Love You So?
  • 11. Never Let Me Go
  • 12. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
  • 13. Princess Princess
  • 14. Jimmy's Girl
  • 15. (Little Sparrow) His True Love
  • 16. Cutie Pie
  • 17. She Gave Sweet Love To Me
  • 18. What'll I Do
  • 19. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
  • 20. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • 21. Out Of My Mind
  • 22. Empty Feeling
  • 23. Judy Judy Judy
  • 24. Funny How Time Slips Away
  • 25. A Very Good Year For Girls
  • 26. Lonely Street
  • 27. I Got A Feeling
  • 28. Lonesome Town
  • 29. I Fall To Pieces

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