Lazy Lester - All Over You (25th Anniversary Edition, Indie) (LP)

Lazy Lester - All Over You (25th Anniversary Edition, Indie) (LP)


Orange & Blue Splatter Vinyl, Jacket, Sleeve, OBI Strip / Marketing Sticker.

All Over You is a forgotten gem, remastered and presented here for the first time on vinyl, nearly 25 years to do the day after its original release. Recorded raw with a band pulled from the ranks of Austin’s legendary Antone’s Nightclub, this session finds an older, laid-back Lester revisiting his classic Excello sides and distilling them to their essence. The remastered album features a bonus live recording of the Lightning Slim track, “Nothing But The Devil.”. The audio was remastered from original source material and pressed at GZ Vinyl in the Czech Republic.

Tasting notes: leather, freshly-oiled gunmetal, boiled crawfish.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Antone's Records
Vuosi 2023

1. Nothing But The Devil
2. I`m A Lover, Not A Fighter
3. I Made Up My Mind
4. I Need Money
5. Hello Mary Lee
6. You’re Gonna Ruin Me Baby
7. If You Think I’ve Lost You
1. My Home Is A Prison
2. Tell Me Pretty Baby
3. The Sun Is Shining
4. Irene
5. Strange Things Happen
6. Nothing But The Devil (live)

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