Allison Mose - I’m Not Talkin’ ~ The Song Stylings Of Mose Allison 1957-1972 (CD)

Allison Mose - I’m Not Talkin’ ~ The Song Stylings Of Mose Allison 1957-1972 (CD)


The laconic and oh-so-cool Mose Allison left an indelible impression on the history of rock n roll through his influence on at least two generation of British musicians. His songs were covered by Georgie Fame, Brian Auger, the Yardbirds (featuring Jeff Beck), the Clash and of course the Who, who made Young Man the opener of their Live At Leeds LP. I’m Not Talkin’: The Song Stylings Of Mose Allison is the first compilation entirely dedicated to his vocal recordings across Prestige, Atlantic and Columbia, the three labels where he made his landmark recordings.

The CD includes the most famous of his songs including Parchman Farm, Young Man Blues, I Love The Life I Live Baby, Please Don’t Go, Seventh Son and Foolkiller, as well as lesser-known gems that show his continued aptitude for marrying sharp observations on modern life with memorable tunes.

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  1. I'm Not Talking
  2. Parchman Farm
  3. Foolkiller
  4. If You Only Knew
  5. Baby Please Don't Go
  6. The Seventh Son
  7. I'm Smashed
  8. Wild Man On The Loose
  9. If You're Goin To The City
  10. Everybody Cryin' Mercy
  11. I Love The Life I Live - Mose Allison Trio
  12. Young Man's Blues
  13. Back On The Corner
  14. You Can Count On Me To Do My Part
  15. Lost Mind
  16. Eyesight To The Blind
  17. Your Mind Is On Vacation
  18. Jus Like Livin
  19. If You Live
  20. V-8 Ford Blues
  21. Your Molecular Structure
  22. Hello There Universe
  23. Western Man

  24. Swingin' Machine

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