Presley Elvis - American Sound – From The Acetates (Käytetty CD)

Presley Elvis - American Sound – From The Acetates (Käytetty CD)


Madison is back once more and happy to present a brand new limited edition CD release containing some fantastic acetate recordings.
Fans have frequently expressed a strong wish to hear Elvis as he sounded in the studio, undiluted by overdubs and excessive vocal backing, and now is your chance to hear exactly this.
Madison is bringing you the first of a series containing rare acetates, this first volume contains tracks recorded between the 1970 Nashville sessions to the 1976 jungle room sessions, these songs have had plenty of releases over the past decades from their respective master tapes but the acetates have remained mostly in private collections.
On this disc you are provided with a unique listening experience, the acetates and their different mixes will take you back to the time Elvis was listening to these.
Listen to some fantastic tracks like the unedited full length version of ”Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” which has a different mix compared to previous official outings, and the stereo acetate of the undubbed version of ”Help Me Make It Through The Night” the stunning ”Loving Arms” and lonesome ”Hurt”, and the stand out track is most definitely ”Miracle Of The Rosary” which features Elvis his full length vocal overdub, which has not been released before in this form.
This Limited Edition CD is presented in optimum sound quality, with respect for the historical content.
And as always with the Madison releases, it is presented in a jewel case with a 16 page booklet containing liner notes and some fantastic photos.

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Tuottaja Madison
Vuosi 2023

01. Heart Of Rome [Undubbed Master] 2:52
02. Don’t think Twice, It’s All Right [Unedited Master] 9:21
03. Lead Me, Guide Me [Master] 2:42
04. Miracle Of The Rosary [ With Harmony Vocal by Elvis] 2:52
05. Seeing Is Believin’ [Unedited Master] 3:02
06. Help Me Make It Through The Night [Undubbed Stereo Master ] 2:49
07. It’s Still Here [Unedited Master] 4:40
08. I Will Be True [Undubbed Master] 2:37
09. Help Me [Undubbed Master with Vocal Overdub] 2:29
10. My Boy [Undubbed Master] 3:03
11. Loving Arms [Undubbed Master] 2:52
12. I Got A Feeling In My Body [Undubbed Master] 3:36
13. It’s Midnight [Undubbed Master] 3:22
14. If You Talk In Your Sleep [Undubbed Master] 2:30
15. Hurt [Undubbed Master] 2:52

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