Eanes Jim - And The Shenandoah Valley Boys (CD)

Eanes Jim - And The Shenandoah Valley Boys (CD)


Jim Eanes is remembered today as a classic bluegrass singer and songwriter who made many excellent recordings and wrote many fine songs. His bluegrass recordings have been reissued many times, but in the early 1950s, Jim enjoyed a successful stint as a straight country singer. His country recordings made for Decca Records between 1952 and 1955, have never been reissued, and, as bluegrass expert Gary Reid writes in his liner notes, Due to their unavailability over the years, they have often been overlooked when measuring the significance of Jim’s lengthy career.”

Jim recorded a total of 31 sides for Decca, and they capture him at or near his best. The standout performance, I Cried Again, was a song that Hank Williams featured on his radio shows, and it highlights Jim’s resemblance to Hank during these years. The other songs include other starkly moving ballads and some Cold War era commie-baiting novelties. These incredibly rare recordings have been unavailable since the the early ’50s (some are here available for the first time), and for Jim’s fans they will be a welcome treat. If nothing else, this set reaffirms the fact that Jim Eanes possessed one of the finest voices in all of country music.”

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  • 1. In A Little Spanish Restaurant
  • 2. Ridin' The Waves
  • 3. I'd Love To Be Your Darling
  • 4. I Cried Again
  • 5. Between The Lines
  • 6. There's No Place Like Home
  • 7. Tomorrow May Be Different
  • 8. The Beginning Of The End
  • 9. Kiss Me! Kiss Me!
  • 10. Little Brown Hand
  • 11. When The One That You Love Is In Love With You
  • 12. Gloomy Tomorrow
  • 13. Rose Garden Waltz
  • 14. It Takes A Heap Of Livin'
  • 15. Plunkin' Rag
  • 16. Take This Broken Heart
  • 17. The Things I Love About You
  • 18. Don't Hand Me That Stuff
  • 19. Cedric Special
  • 20. Just Suppose
  • 21. Shopworn Heart
  • 22. Cotton Pickers Stomp
  • 23. Wiggle Worm Wiggle
  • 24. Possum Hollow
  • 25. It's A Shame
  • 26. Sweet Lovin' Baby
  • 27. Don't Go Lookin' For Trouble
  • 28. Baby Blue Eyes
  • 29. A Prisoner Of War
  • 30. I'm No Communist