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Annita - What Good`ll It Do Me (Käytetty CD)


Tuttu juttu Haystack Hi-tones yhtyeestä. Toimivaa authentic 50`s tyylin kamaa! The debut release from Annita, who previously sang as half of the female duo, The Haystack Hi-tones. Recorded at the Fort Horton Studios in Austin and The House Of Sounds in Utrecht, she’s backed here by some of the best musicians from both the Austin and Dutch scenes including Dave Leroy Biller, The Horton Brothers, Kevin Smith, Shaun Young, Chris Miller, T. Jarrod Bonta, The Barnstompers and more! With the ability to adapt her voice to a wide range of styles and influences, Annita provides a generous mixture of 40’s/50’s Rockabilly, Hillbilly, western swing, jazz and country on these 19 tracks. Highlights include the wild female rockabilly vocals of Bigelow 6-200″ and ”Friction Heat”, the hillbilly styles of ”Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me” and ”Hi Diddle Dee” and the jazzy boogies of ”What Good’ll It Do Me” and ”Mr. Misery”. Fans of female singers such as Wanda Jackson, Rose Maddox and Ella Mae Morse will love this CD!”

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  • 1. Bigelow 6-200
  • 2. I`m Going Hunting Tonight
  • 3. Fickle Heart
  • 4. This Should Go On Forever
  • 5. Friction Heat
  • 6. Hi Diddle Dee
  • 7. Why Don`t You Haul Off And Love Me
  • 8. Twice The Lovin`
  • 9. Hello Baby
  • 10. Loose Talk
  • 11. I`ve Stopped My Dreamin` About You
  • 12. I`m Waiting Just For You
  • 13. Ten:Ten Am
  • 14. What Good`ll It Do Me
  • 15. You Can`t Have My Love
  • 16. Columbus Stockade Blues
  • 17. Mr. Misery
  • 18. Lovey Dovey
  • 19. The Honeymoon`s Over

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