Various - Arizona Rockabilly Vol 1-Rockin And Boppin In The Desert (CD)

Various - Arizona Rockabilly Vol 1-Rockin And Boppin In The Desert (CD)


”Located in the middle of a state known mostly for copper, citrus, cotton and the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Arizona, was in a period of transition. In the 1950s, eletronics overtook its industry; Republicans swamped its politics and rock ’n’ roll upturned its prodigious country and western scene. The small but fast-growing Phoenix was an unlikely candidate for status as the Memphis of the Southwest, but during the city’s golden age of 1955-1961 a small but prolific group of local record labels and recording studios produced some of the most memorable and enduring music of all time.

’Rockin’ And Boppin’ In The Desert’ brings the best records from that period together in one wild package, featuring rare and collectable tracks from Al Casey, Don Cole, Rusty Isabell, Gene Maltais, Jack Lane, Loy Clingman, Jimmy Dell, Joe D. Johnson, Rio Rockers and many more. This is the first package of Phoenix rockers and boppers and a great introduction to Arizona’s overlooked musical history.

30 songs by 30 singers, many on CD for the first time, make this Bear Family release a must for all you music fanatics out there.

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  • 1. JOE MONTGOMERY: Planetary Run
  • 2. AL CASEY: If I Told You (Wouldn't Know It All By Myself)  
  • 3. BOBBY BOSTON: Lazy Daisy  
  • 4. BENNY BANTA: Cry Little Girlie  
  • 5. BILLY BARNETT: Romp And Stomp  
  • 6. DON COLE: Stop  
  • 8. THE TADS: Mixed Up Mama  
  • 9. LOY CLINGMAN: Rockin' Down Mexico Way  
  • 10. JACK LANE: King Fool  
  • 11. RUSTY ISABELL: Firewater (Sew Dew)  
  • 12. LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER: Long John's Flagpole Rock  
  • 13. JIMMY DELL: Teeny Weeny  
  • 14. JIMMY JOHNSON: Cat Daddy  
  • 15. LEONARD BROTHERS: Boppin' Blue Jeans  
  • 16. GENE MALTAIS: The Bug  
  • 17. NEWTON RASCALS (WAYNE & JERRY NEWTON): Rascal Boogie  
  • 18. JOE D. JOHNSON: Rattlesnake Daddy  
  • 19. DOUG HARDEN: Dig That Ford  
  • 20. RIO ROCKERS: Mexican Rock 'n' Roll  
  • 21. JIM MURPHY: I'm Gone, Mama  
  • 22. CHEEK-O VASS: Bo-Peep Rock  
  • 23. JIMMIE GRAY: Chicksville USA  
  • 24. JUDY FAYE: Rocky-Rolly Lover Boy  
  • 25. DUANE TURLEY & DON COLE: Long Gone Cat  
  • 26. JIMMIE PATTON: Okie's In The Pokie
  • 27.  ALVIE SELF: Let's Go Wild  
  • 28. BOBBY & THE DEMONS: The Woo  
  • 29. Q-ZEEN: Rain On The Mountain  
  • 30. RITCHIE HART: The Great Duane

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