Man Or Astro-Man? - Astro Analog Series: Volume 3 (Red Wax) (7 single/EP)

Man Or Astro-Man? - Astro Analog Series: Volume 3 (Red Wax) (7 single/EP)


Astro Analog Series: Volume 3 is a 7 single released in late April of 2013 by Henry Owings of Chunklet Magazine. It is available through the Chunklet website. The record was pressed on three different colors of vinyl: clear (200), purple (a exclusive and the same color as the foil seal), and black. The clear version sold out during the first few days of the pre-sale. In August of 2013 it was repressed on clear red vinyl. This record is the third and final installment in a series of 7″ singles that will culminate in the release of a full length record in May of 2013. Like the others in the series, it was mostly recorded in Chicago in February of 2012 with longtime Astro-cohort Steve Albini. It features original members Star Crunch (Brian Causey), Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard (Rob Del Bueno) and Birdstuff (Brian Teasley). Rounding out the band is Athens-based guitarist and space nurse in training Avona Nova (Samantha Paulsen).The a-side is the song ”Disintegrate” with guest vocals by Liz Durrett. It was recorded by Daniel Farris at Ole Elegante, Birmingham, Alabama. The B-side features two tracks that are exclusive to this release: ”Baby’s First Spacewalk” and ”Defcon 0.” Both of these were taken from the February session with Albini. As they are being touted as exclusives, they will not appear on the full-length. The record itself is packaged in a custom chipboard, die-cut cover (the same sleeve used for the first two in the series). This time it will feature a purple and silver sticker seal, identifying the release as Chunklet Industries catalog number CHK7-004:”

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