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Don’t listen to what we have to say about this cd. We love it.  

Listen to Dell Villarreal. Dell is a Rockabilly, Roots/Rock DJ from Detroit, MI. He produces and host ”Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show!” on WCBN, 88.3 FM and also on Motorbilly Radio. Here is Dell’s review of ”I’m Calling It” which is featured in the latest edition of Custom Kulture Deluxe Magazine, USA.


 ”Down Under rockabilly star Scotty Baker works his considerable talent around a wider variety of 50’s musical styles on his new chart topping LP. In addition to the straight up vintage country & rockabilly style that’s become his hallmark, “I’m Calling It” showcases a diverse entertainer & more confident songwriter. For his 2nd record he’s surrounded himself with even more talented musicians from the Australian retro scene; wild-man Ezra Lee drives his 88’s into to the red and Melbourne’s The Starliners reunite for an epic session. Hot jivin’ blues, beer-chuggin’ honky tonkers, floor packin’ stompers and swingin’ Western fare; it’s all here and it all rocks right! Guaranteed smiles for the ears and feet, “I’m Calling It” is one of the most entertaining albums to come from our modern day rockin’ scene.


You’ll swear “Wasted My Name” was swiped from the Johnny Cash canon; clever wordplay and chugging acoustic rhythms that the ‘Man In Black’ would’ve been proud to call his own. “Knockout” packs a huge wallop: a killer 50’s Jerry Lee Lewis-styled jiver propelled through the rafters by Scotty’s razor blade vocals, Laurie Bongailas’ (Hey Gringo) honkin’ sax and Ezra Lee’s explosive piano work -this will surely become a trademark tune as I’ve been forced to play it twice in one of my radio sets! Happiness rolls from Mr. Baker’s lips as he prepares to take his gals’ hand in ”Pop The Question,” a swell RnB pop-rocker that will fill dance floors from Australia to California.


“Katerina,” a slinky, soulful stroller that features sleazy lead from Dave “The Kid” Cantrell, will have the ladies groovin’ in their boots and Prof. Baker explains which car type can score you the classiest dame in his bombastic blues blaster, “Cadillac Girls”! Ezra slips Floyd Cramer notes into “I’m Calling It (It’s Over),” adding a cool Countrypolitan sheen. With poignant lyrics delivered with Jim Reeves-styled class & sincerity, the title song needs to time travel back to 1957 and become a radio hit! Jungle exotica goes hillbilly in the leg-shaking workout “Tribal Beat” and you’ll treat your feet to a Texas two-step as our man winds up yet another romance in “Another Man.” High, lonesome lyrics and old-timey scratchy 78-rpm effects add a sepia glow to the vintage country weeper “Except The Blame.”


I scarcely mind that there’s only one hot rod tune amongst the 14 originals here because it’s simply a FANTASTIC record. Highly recommended, so order without hesitation or delay – Del Villarreal”


A Must-have cd in your collection!

Baker Scotty - I`m Calling It (CD)


Uusi upea albumi Scotty Bakerilta. Taustalla häärii The Starliners ja Ezra Lee.

Huom! Scotty Baker esiiintyy Juhannuksena jambreilla Yyterissä!

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